“Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those others that have been tried.”

Grew up enamored of the ACLU, majored in econ, now a lawyer practicing in gov. regulation, I’m looking for ways to structure society to promote good ends. I’m more likely to understand why a policy produces sub-optimal outcomes than to understand why it is “wrong.” I regard liberty to be a desirable end – but not the sole one.

Philosophically, while I have a bias for private initiative and discretion, I try to avoid lionizing or demonizing the public or the private. They each have their place; the challenge is to find the optimal mix. I object to state-initiated coercion, yet I’m skeptical that we can function practically without it. Don’t read my posts to find good ideas, only least bad ones.

Too private-sector oriented for progressives, too public-sector oriented for libertarians, too sentient for conservatives – I’m a stateless statist.


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