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Born just 11 months prior to Armstrong's small step and Aldrin's dance steps, I grew up with the promise of being able to live in space. I always said I wanted to be an astronaut when I grow up. Dammit, thirty some years later it's time for me to grow up! I'm working on that goal by founding Masten Space Systems, Inc.

My many interests include music, aerospace, economics, information theory, and philosophy. I play (not very well) guitar, piano, and trumpet. I'm a pilot. I have worked as a welder, machinist, sheet metal fabricator, programmer, system and network administrator, mechanical designer, and IT management consultant.

While I am currently unable to prove it (or even posit a reasonable theory to derive it), I am convinced that Locke's natural law is mostly correct, in the same way that Newton's law of gravity is mostly correct. Each of these theories has corner cases where the theory fails, but it is a matter of figuring out the second order term rather than discarding the whole theory.


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