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More on Disproving Morality

Frequent Catallarchy commenter Mark provides his answer of how to disprove morality.

Since I posted my moral principles here, some attacks on falsifying this system are: Read more »

Unintended Consequences

The following is a comment made by Bill Kelsey below in the post entitled "Libertarian Foreign Policy Debate".

The Hanover Street Shoe-Shine Boys

This essay is reprinted in its entirety with permission of its original author OWK.

Now it wasn?t too long ago (or so I allow myself to believe), that I embraced the mantle of manhood, and went in search of my first job. I got one too. It was an acceptable job as jobs go, but it didn?t pay me all too much. It was just an honest day?s wages, for an honest day pumping gas. Read more »

Circle the wagon train, boys!

Mark summarizes the disagreements so far and extends his argument.

Objective Justice

Frequent Catallarchy commenter Mark gives his definition of Justice in the comments below as follows.

Okay, I've talked with my wife some more between last night's post and now. I think I have a definition of Justice that I am happy with.

There are two pillars to the foundation of Justice. Read more »

What the World Needs Now

This post is reprinted in its entirety with permission from the original author Robert Brager of the blog Astropolis.

The other day I was listening to the over-produced sounds of Swedish anti-capitalist punk rock sensations THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY . Once upon a high school aged youth, I probably would have stood to the left of them. Read more »

The socialism of war

Randall McElroy weighs in on the difficulties of reconstruction efforts in Iraq.

Socialism has never worked anywhere, but the allegedly pro-market architects of the Iraq debacle apparently aren't aware. In an especially revealing article, the Washington Post reports that an Iraqi cement factory damaged in the bombing got back online with $250,000, despite the plans of the Army Corps of Engineers for a $23 million reconstruction. Read more »

Holes in natural rights

From a prior entry below, an offshoot discussion about holes in natural rights theory has become very interesting.

Impressions of South Korea

Reader "Spoonie Luv" aka Amit Singh writes of his experiences on a recent business trip to South Korea.

I just came back from a few weeks spent in South Korea on a work assignment and returned with some different perceptions of the Korean people, their culture, and their problems. Read more »

Employee compensation: cash vs. stock

Don Lloyd asks the following question about the employee

There is nothing inherently fraudulent about stock or option grants to employees.

All we have, ideally, is a mutually beneficial, voluntary economic exchange between shareholders and employees, with management acting as an agent for the shareholders. Both employees and shareholders end up better off. Read more »