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Conservative judicial activism

The latest Volokh Conspirator, Randy Barnett, explains why Republicans are losing the war over judges: that they are "unprepared for a genuine debate over what judges should and should not be doing on the bench." Read more »

Alan Greenspan teaches youth 'financial literacy'

Alan Greenspan visited a Washington DC middle school yesterday to give the youth of America a lesson in 'financial literacy.' Among other happenings during his trip, he was given the appellation of 'honorary black man.'

Alan Greenspan, the Federal Reserve chairman who is often called the second-most-powerful person in the United States, was made an honorary black man yesterday.

He was also called "a bad brother."

Libertarian conference on war?

Samizdata's Johnathan Pearce, in the interests of promoting goodwill and understanding among libertarians, is proposing a conference, conveniently placed in London.

I'm game. ^_^ I was thinking about visiting London anyway for a weekend jaunt this summer....

On commerce and civilization

An important essay at the Mises Institute on the relationship between commerce and civilization, says: Read more »

Newsflash: Howell Raines has NOT resigned...


Collected responses to Phelps and McTeer

As a convenience for myself, I have been hunting down the links of responses to Phelps' mischaracterization of Austrian Business Cycle Theory (ABCT), for future reference. As one would expect, the Mises Institute's blog has been commenting both extensively and excellently, and PrestoPundit has also mined some nuggets from the Hayek-L list (to which I need to subscribe, judging from the quality of the excerpts). Read more »

Is Democracy necessary for an efficient state?

An interesting find on a recently discovered (via PrestoPundit) blog "Truck and Barter" (which is unfortunately on blogspot- join the Esmay Jihad!), that brings up the observation that the existence of government services or the value of government services to individuals bears a tangential (at best) relation to whether that Read more »

McTeer's paradox

Ramesh Ponnuru asks "But [Robert McTeer] endorsed, in his piece, both Keynes's ?paradox of thrift? and Bastiat's ?parable of the broken window.? Aren't these lessons contradictory?"

Yes they are. As I wrote in a previous post, the approach that Austrian economics takes is called praxeology - the study of human action. Human action, at the individual level, can show us why these two lessons are contradictory. Read more »

Jim Henley on Hayekian foreign policy and libertarian morality

Jim Henley extends the fatal conceit to foreign interventionalism: Read more »

Dean Esmay declares jihad

Dean Esmay declares jihad on Blogspot and makes a generous offer to all you Blogspot users at the same time. Although we started out on Movable Type and have no experience using Blogspot, if Dean is willing to set things up, 90% of the work will be done. The remaing 10% - personalizing the blog - with MT is relatively easy.