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Blogspot jihad update

My kind of liberal Dean Esmay has saved 24 blogs from Blogspot so far, including a few that I visit daily.

And it looks as if more are in the works.

Ronald Dixon gets 3 days

Ronald Dixon, the man who shot a burglar as he was entering his son's room, has avoided a longer jail term for a shorter one [via Rachel Lucas].

Ronald Dixon, 27, flashed a broad grin yes terday after pleading guilty to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct, a violation that will send him to Rikers Island for just three days, in a deal with Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes. [...]

Revealed preference and economic method

Jane Galt states that surveys are not very useful in political analysis because people lie, the polls are badly designed, and the polls select for a biased population, among other things. She also makes a distinction between stated preference, which is the answer given in polls, and revealed preference, which is the actual action taken. Although Jane is talking about the political realm, her criticism of political metrics such as surveys can be extended into the economic realm under Austrian methodology. Read more »

The blogosphere as a market, not a democracy

Excellent post by Perry de Havilland over at Samizdata, on the question of "are blogs democratic?" His answer is no, since: Read more »

Arnold Kling on the health care madness

Here is an article written by Arnold Kling over at TCS. He talks about how health care ought to work. This is the money quote: Read more »

A little light reading

For those of you still wanting to brush up on Austrian Business Cycle Theory (and you should), check out The Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle by Roger Garrison for a quick primer. Read more »

Continuing on the education theme

Swallowing the Blue Pill

John Quiggan confesses that he is a weekday antiglobalist, and that he fears and distrusts capital markets (as a Keynesian, it is probably because they?re filled with ?Animal Spirits? and other chaotic shades such as speculators and entrepreneurs). In his confession, he writes: Read more »

California takes hands-off approach to homeschoolers

The new state superindendent Jack O'Connell asked for a review of the prior superindendent Delaine Eastin's policy that essentially made homeschooling illegal in California [via Joanne Jacobs].

State officials are now in the process of revising legal and informational documents to remove references regarding the illegality of homeschooling.

North Korea's 'special' meat

As North Korea continues to collapse ever further toward the event horizon of socialism's black hole, horrific stories continue to leak out to the Western media. Refugees who have fled the workers' paradise are reporting incidents of cannibalism at an increasingly frequent rate. Read more »