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More on Spontaneous Order

Over at OxBlog I found a good post from last year on spontaneous order (kosmos) vs. directed order (taxis), where an admitted conservative steps up to the plate to say that it is not a contradiction in terms to "organize for anarchy": Read more »

A true head scratcher

There is an entry over at Daily Kos which shows how much the national debt has increased under Bush. This by itself is a not all that unusual and even makes a good point. However, in the comments section, I noticed this posting: Read more »

What maintains a culture of liberty?

While chatting with my co-blogger Jonathan, a question came up on whether the US Constitution was useful in maintaining a culture of liberty. Jonathan said no, while I said yes, with the UK as an example. Read more »

Rule by lawyers?

While I agree in principle with my co-blogger that a law developed via trial and error (no pun intended) is preferable in nearly all cases to a body of law made arbitrarily by politicians, I do have to say that the prospect of hashing out all societal differences in the current legal system of the US to be a fairly daunting image... Read more »

Everybody loves Buffy

Even Virginia Postrel is Buffy-blogging.

The obesity epidemic

According to Harvard University, an obesity 'epidemic' is sweeping the US. This is an epidemic similar in scope to those seen in olden times, in which infectious agents would spread from one person to the next without warning and literally forced people to run for the hills, like the polio epidemic of 1916 or the yellow fever epidemic of 1878. Read more »

Sullum on Da Ali G Show

Jacob Sullum has a funny article at Reason about Da Ali G Show. Read more »

Victor Davis Hanson on Mexifornia

Here is an interview with Victor Davis Hanson at NRO [via Val e-diction] about his new book Mexifornia.

We know that when immigrants from Mexico ? as in the case, for example, of Cuba ? come legally, and with families intact, and are not followed by a steady cohort of illegal aliens. Within a generation or two they melt into the general fabric and America is better for their presence.

Legislation vs. common law

Paul Marks of Samizdata writes about the negative consequences of legislatures. Some of the things he says probably have a degree of shock value to most readers, because most people have been taught from the time of their youth that the purpose of government is to 'make laws.' I grew up learning how a bill becomes a law, how the Senate and the House must both pass the bill, and how the President must sign the bill for it to become a law. Read more »

The antitrust bugaboo

Altantic blog has some thoughts on Calpundit's assertion that one of things capitalism does poorly is 'deal with' monopolies. Read more »