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Many companies nowadays try to cut costs—however, they cannot really cut their costs on marketing and customer research, which is the backbone of all their innovative products and services, lest they lose their competitive advantage and clientele. Thus, companies have now found many ways of actually getting the information and market research that they need without having to spend too much, yet still paying enough to the consumers in order to get their opinions.

How does it work?
It’s all about market research. Big corporations like Nike, Walmart, and Best Buy spend billions of dollars every year on market research. Market research is the act of gathering information about your current consumers likes and needs, and gathering information from potential, soon-to-be customers.

Once they have your information, they can use that to make better decisions on upcoming Advertising campaigns and product creation. Your opinion is very important to these big companies.

That’s where the surveys come in. Market research panels look for members who are willing to take time out of their day to complete surveys and give their opinions. For taking time out of your day, the research panels will reward you, often with cash!

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The Real Truth About *Online Paid Surveys

How can I make a lot of money with paid surveys?
When you join these market research panels they will usually have a preliminary survey you will need to complete. This survey will ask you information about yourself such as age, income, gender, and so on. Then they will send you surveys that match that criteria.

For example: If a market research panel wants to get some consumer opinion on laundry detergent, they will more than likely send that survey to women, especially moms.

If they want some consumer opinion on power tools or electric razors, they would send those surveys to middle-aged men.

eCash Opinions:
eCash Opinions is the way that they have gone. This site is a site where companies post online surveys to be answered by ordinary people on the internet; for each survey that the person answers, a certain dollar equivalent is paid to the person who answered it, usually around $5 to $75. You can also find focus groups that need participants, and these generally pay anywhere from $50 to $150 for your contribution.

These surveys are from different companies looking for consumer market research. To enter, you need only to sign up for membership, and you can instantly access the different research surveys and start answering them whenever and wherever you want to. The membership costs $34, and this is paid only once at the start of your membership. You may also upgrade your status to a VIP status, costing $44, which comes with a guide on how to earn the most out of online surveys compared to others with only a regular membership.

Pros and Cons:
Of course, such a program is great for people to earn some money. It’s very convenient as all you really need is internet access and an opinion. The surveys are also easy to complete and can definitely earn you some extra cash. There are also a wide variety of surveys to choose from that you can answer, and you can get paid either through Paypal or through checks, whichever is more convenient for you.

However, this is not really a job that can really replace your normal work, because though you may answer so many surveys or participate in many focus groups, surveys or focus groups may not always be available or needed, as other people are also answering them, and they may not always pay as high an amount all the time for it to actually replace your normal job.

Such a way to earn income that is quick and easy is definitely worth a try especially since it is not a scam. It is definitely something worth trying, especially as it can add more to your income flow. If you have the spare time, drop by eCash Opinions. You certainly will get a lot out of simply answering a couple of surveys—money for your opinions that really matter to different companies.

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