2 and counting

Moamar Gaddafi must really be getting desperate:

Overnight, Libyan television aired what it said was another speech by Mr Gaddafi made by telephone, where he blamed the unrest on young Libyans who have been brainwashed by drugs or Al Qaeda.

"It is obvious that this is run by Al Qaeda, " he said. "You in Zawiyah turn to bin Laden. They give you drugs.

"Those armed youngsters, our children, are incited by people who are wanted by America and the Western world.

"People were getting all their daily needs ... why did you have to get involved with the bin Laden ideology?

"They have been brainwashing the kids in this area and tell them to misbehave... the ones who are under bin Laden's influence and authority, under the influence of drugs."

It looks like it's only a matter of time for another Arab dictator. This is exciting.

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The death of Pax Americana

He either flees or is killed, those are the likely outcomes. This is indeed exciting, except for Pax Americana. People are recognizing they've been had and acting on it! I only wish the American people would recognize the same thing and protest Wall Street and bankers.

Pain threshold

When the American public is beyond disgusted, when they actually feel the pain of the crap they have been voting for... that is when you will see riots here. Despite the rhetoric, the US is not Egypt nor is it run by some crazy hat wearing dictator.

This is great!

One funny thing

The increasingly addled responses that are being attributed to Gaddafi are down right entertaining.