Iraq Counterfactual

With popular uprisings sweeping dictators out of power across the Arab world, I wonder what Iraq would be like today if the US government hadn't invaded. It would certainly be a richer place without its infrastructure, businesses, and homes bombed into powder. It would have a stronger civil society. And we just might see a movement of Iraqis working on their own freedom as citizens of other Arab states demand release from their brutal political masters.

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Had not invaded... which

Had not invaded... which time? :D

unwinding further

Had not intervened in various nefarious ways over the last half century (or whole century counting UK and France)? The current set of dictators would not exist. Maybe there would have been a different set, maybe some of them communist. Hard to see western intervention as a net positive, in the Middle East or anywhere.

Back to the beginning topic, surely the (double) invasion apologist would say that the Hussein regime would have been far more brutal and successfully suppressed any Iraq version of Tunisia and Egypt. Possibly, but with every regime taking reform (even if fake) actions, I'd bet effect on Iraq would be positive, especially over long term, and highly unlikely to be the megadestruction resulting in another highly corrupt barely democratic regime that Iraq has now.

This blog celebrated the new

This blog celebrated the new Lebanese independence from Syria in 2005. But now Lebanon has been taken over by Hezbollah. Perhaps the celebration was premature.

This entry appears to be celebrating recent events in Egypt. But remember: what we actually have in Egypt right at this very moment is a military dictatorshop. Perhaps the celebration is premature.

And if Egypt becomes a true democracy, that would not necessarily be an outcome to celebrate. It depends on the views of the people. Apparently 84% of Egyptians are in favor of the death penalty for apostates.

t depends on the views of the people, ALWAYS.

I celebrate the revolt, not the inevitable counter-revolution.

We might not have had the uprisings

We might not have had the uprisings if it wasn't for the invasion of Iraq. Whether that's a good thing or not (these uprisings could go rather bad) is another question.