Structuralism Around the Web

Arnold Kling recommends putting together credential free zones within existing cities where governments could experiment with relaxing credential laws that currently exist in professions like education, medicine, hair dressing, teaching, interior design, taxi services, and etc.

This reminds me of China's special economic zones or Paul Romer's Charter Cities.

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Might be OK in a small town

where everyone knows someone who knows everyone. Say 10,000 or less.

Overcredentialing in Primary Care

We currently have a major shortage of primary medical care in the U.S. I guess doctors who study rigorously for eight plus years would rather go into surgery or neurology or some other specialty than tell people they have colds. It would be nice if a more feudal structure existed in hospitals and clinics. I'd think a masters degree and some minimal experience would be sufficient to diagnose and treat most ailments.