Another Structuralist proposal that I rather like is a state constitutional amendment that forbids legislators from running for reelection if there is a budget deficit in an election year. Legislators govern too much with their self-interest in mind. Let's use that fact to further the public benefit.

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Does it already have a

Does it already have a following, or is it something people have got to actually advocate for? If it takes all the tedious labor of a traditional ballot initiative, or school board election, that is going to be the real nail in the coffin for a lot of politically apathetic folks. Attracting the people that are fired up (other than econ nerds) requires a bit of demagoguery, pulling at the heart strings and such.

Politics as currently played is a really boring process for volunteers and staff with an IQ above room temperature.

Not that I think it is a bad idea, I think it is an idea that needs a lot of time and money thrown behind it. All things considered most people have a long list that contains many projects that meet those two criteria.