Wikileaks, as good as it gets

I'm sure I don't have to express how excited I am about Wikileaks. This whole affair is thrilling. The Ron Paul campaign was a mixed bag for me, but Wikileaks is something I can get behind 100%.

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No kidding, don't forget

The group "anonymous" (famous for their DDoS attacks against the Church of Scientology and others) has been speculated to be making plans to create problems for the companies that are withdrawing support from Assange.

While the actions of of the collective group may not amount to much, the idea of Visa or PayPal taking losses for political kowtowing is an interesting one. This isn't even factoring the potential of the "Insurance" file being released. At one point Assange was quoted saying that he had enough information to take down one or two banks. Bank of America has been thought of as the target.

Of course, the enemy here is transparency. Without secrecy the government wouldn't be able to scare you into falling in line. It will be fun to watch.


This was at the top of the google news feed. So exciting.