Police question

Last night between the survivalist meeting and the bar, I saw three separate police incidents involving six patrol cars within five minutes of each other on the same road. My buddy and I noted that this seemed pretty bizarre, especially given that they had pulled over two similiar-looking drivers in similar-looking vehicles. I myself got pulled over after not slowing down enough through a green arrow within two minutes of passing the third incident. The officer asked for my ID only—not my registration and insurance—and after a brief chat about how I did in fact have the green arrow, gave my ID back and sent me on my way. I was not wearing a seat belt at any point here, and my driver's license and license plate are from two different states. If the guy had wanted to break my balls, as is their custom, it would have been easy.

Clearly they were looking for someone in particular, and fortunately I was not him. It leaves me puzzled though, as I live in the Mexican border region and trafficking in drugs and even weapons is not unusual. It is also not usually combatted by stopping everybody possible. I have not heard of any heinous murders or bank robberies. The local paper does not give any clues this morning, so it appears they haven't found the guy yet.

Feel free to join my weekend brainstorming project of figuring out what type of person they could have been looking for.

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Whatever they were looking for

it was more important than traffic tickets. lucky thing for you. Unless you know someone who works for the police department don't waste your time.