One mystery solved; one not:

Mystery 1. Why so many blog posts from me at this time? I'm under deadline; this is how I procrastinate. I told Brandon Berg that I shouldn't start blogging here because this is EXACTLY what I'd do when under deadline. And I was right. Oh, well; too late now....

Mystery 2. How do we get so many comments on three-year-old threads?

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why people post to 3 year old threads

What a coincidence, I came to this blog to procrastinate a little hehe. Anyways people might be commenting on 3 year old threads because google often times ranks a page higher with age. It might not be for years that some of these posts rise to the surface and start getting some traffic. The posts on distributed republic for the most part are timeless so that really isn't a problem.

As with fine wine....

...in time people come to see the value of our humble offerings? Why, of course; the answer was obvious all along.

And I still think it's weird.

But how to exploit this weirdness? Should I tell the set-up of a knock knock joke now with the promise of providing the punch line three years hence?

Or should we start making disparaging remarks about winter sports next February? When the winter Olympics rolls around again three years later, our remarks will seem salient. Or, at least, as salient as a discussion of biathlon and curling ever gets. (Whoops, I just couldn't wait.)

Blog spammer with a sense of

Blog spammer with a sense of humor. "sex toy dvd" explains why people (why spammers?) like to target 3-year-old threads. And of course that's something that spammers target - old posts - which I believe is why some blog software specifically gives the option of blocking comments to sufficiently old posts.

So this blog post and

So this blog post and subsequent comments are essentially a 3 year internet time capsule? interesting.

87 Octane fuel was $2.77 per gallon today.

Mystery 1

You try to have a blog for 7 years!

I'm glad your producing stuff, because otherwise, this blog might be dead.

You're covering for me, so no

You're covering for me, so no slacking off!