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I have little doubt that the Democratic Party orchestrated an effort to elicit a violent reaction from Tea Party protesters during the Obamacare vote by having Pelosi and the Black Caucus walk through the crowd in an exposed fashion. When that didn't happen, they made up a story about racial epithets that, despite the presence of cameras everywhere and a $100,000 reward, still hasn't been proven.

This was followed a few days letter by threatening voicemails to politicians of both parties. A brick was thrown through the office of a Republican. Soon after a brick was thrown through a Democrat's office. Both parties accused the other of extremism and violence. Both parties also accused the other of pretending to be the opposing party.

Now Instapundit links to crashtheteaparty.org:

Okay, so some people are trying to pretend to be racists. Or are they? Maybe it's double-reverse propaganda. Maybe it's Tea Party sympathizers pretending to be Tea Party antagonists in an effort to make the antagonists look bad. In this day and age, who can tell?

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One possible result is to get

One possible result is to get tea party activists to try to unmask crashers. PJTV has asked that crashers be reported to them. The possible danger of this is that in attempting to unmask crashers pretending to be racists, they might inadvertently publicize actual racists which are piggybacking on the tea party movement to seek publicity for their respective causes. So one possible scenario is PJTV showing a bunch of clips of purported left wing crashers, and then left wing blogs identifying those as actual white supremacists who have joined the tea party demonstration. The racist groups, if they are smart, will see this as free publicity and be encouraged to join tea party demonstrations. I hope the racists aren't that smart.