Change of Heart

I've been reading a lot of Paul Krugman's columns lately. At first I was skeptical of his ideas, but his inexorable, patient logic slowly wore away my resistance.

In our nation's pathetic state of financial inequality, some people have private yachts while others don't have the necessities of life. Attempts to fix this have time and again been thwarted by corporations and their plutocrat masters. We need change. We need to vote for people that are going to get things done.

There's no easy way to say this so I'll just come out with it: I'm switching to the Democratic Party. And I whole-heartedly support President Obama in his attempts to bring us vital economic reforms. We need to save the world from corporations before it is too late. This will be my last post at the DR, but you can still read new content from me at my new blog at the the Daily Kos.

Edit: That was a joke, of course. I would still prefer to live in a country that is not going bankrupt.

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This isn't even getting a

This isn't even getting a nibble, is it?

Didn't see that coming. I

Didn't see that coming.

I wouldn't mind a bit more commentary about this transformation to be honest.

Anyways, good luck.

Just make sure you finish the

Just make sure you finish the fixes to the site before you go.


Best. Post. Ever.

Thanks for the April Fools day larf.

Hoping for more biters, but

Hoping for more biters, but that won't be happening NOW!

*Sniff sniff*

The way to fix the inequallity

There is only one way for the inequality to diminish. The people with the stuff will have to give some of it to the people without the stuff. We have seen governments try to force the people with the stuff to give it to the people without the stuff, and it does not work. It will only work when the rich willingly give stuff away.

Let me say it again: The government taking money and giving to the poor does not work. It never will.

There are two ways in which people with stuff will give their stuff to people without: through economy and through charity.

Charity is vitally important for people who have no means to support themselves. True Religion, of whatever form, causes people to see the good in charity and willingly give to others. Unfortunately, most people do not follow their religions as closely as they say, so charity is small in the world today.

The other way people with stuff give to those without is through the economy. When laws and/or customs provide a way for people to trade with each other, the people without stuff can work and thereby gain stuff. I think the current political climate has created imbalance, so people who have stuff benefit unfairly in trades; they use the government created privileges of corporations to hold power. We should strive to eliminate laws that stop poor people from entering the economy.

Unfortunately for liberty, many people do not understand what they should be fighting for. Perhaps some of the people here could suggest ways that the laws could be changed to encourage the free trade and vibrant economy that would allow everybody to have the basic essentials of life?