Great Moments in Amateur Blogging

But a human can only be human, in part and in whole, no more or less in the depths of "inhumanity", and always. The depraved man appalls us not only for his deeds but for his irrefutable demonstration of humanity's potential for evil; it must then follow that he demonstrates for each of us our own capacity for evil, because we cannot escape the bond that is our shared humanity. With each transgression the evil expand the Devil's realm, as surely as the the great establish the uppermost boundaries of human achievement. Every iteration of a man is an argument on behalf of and proving itself; lives committed to malice, lives sacrificed selflessly or stupidly, "madmen", lives "wasted" to sloth or obsession; all are competing models of man. No man can escape the assertion that is his life; he lives as he would have everyone live. Each life is the proposition: "this is Man."

- Dennis Dale

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That's a great quote

On the other end of the spectrum, however, is man's amazing ability to dehumanize. It's not that hard to see other people as beings less than ourselves, a prerequisite for carrying out atrocity. Given the track record laid by men over the last century, this ability to dehumanize is also in every single one of us.

Part of my evolution--dare I say, maturation--in thinking about politics since the time I began blogging is to aim to never dehumanize, either in writing or in thought, no matter how offensive the agent in question, and this includes all the awful dudes that ever lived: Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, etc.