The Divisive Peace Blimp

Trevor Lyman has a new project.

A few days after hearing about the Peace Blimp, it occurred to me how a strong protest against the war could separate the Liberty movement from the neocon elements of the Tea Party movement. Is there a better issue at making the distinction between the two camps?

It may even have the added benefit of dividing the anti-war Democrats from the Obama administration.

It will be interesting to see how the project plays out...

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Not a bad idea

I, for one, am eager to have libertarianism and the Tea Party split up for good. Getting back with the antiwar left would be a nice change of pace as well.

Just, be sure to implicate Bush as the one who started it, and Obama as the one who continues it.

Shit, I think they just

Shit, I think they just earned a donation from me. PEACE BLIMP! WOOOOO!