The Second Vermont Republic

There's something awesome brewing in Vermont: a secessionist campaign. If you recall, during the Revolution Vermont was its own republic, and the group is aptly titled Second Vermont Republic.

A former Duke University economics professor, Naylor heads up the Second Vermont Republic, which he describes as "left-libertarian, anti-big government, anti-empire, antiwar, with small is beautiful as our guiding philosophy." The group not only advocates the peaceful secession of Vermont but has minted its own silver "token" — valued at $25 — and, as part of a publishing venture with another secessionist group, runs a monthly newspaper called Vermont Commons, with a circulation of 10,000. According to a 2007 poll, they have support from at least 13% of state voters. The campaign slogan, Naylor told me, is "Imagine Free Vermont."

Another member, Dennis Steele, points out:

"People in Vermont in general are very antiwar, and all their faith was in Obama to end the wars. I ask people, 'Did you get the change you wanted?' They can't even look you in the eyes. We live in a nation that is asleep at the wheel and where the hearts are growing cold like ice."

Obviously, I recommend you get on over there and read it.

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Wow, talk of secession in Time magazine. And no eye-rolling, mocking tone in the last paragraph. Sign of the times.

Second Vermont Republic (SVR)

Second Vermont Republic (SVR) is a secessionist group within the U.S. state of Vermont which seeks to return to the formerly independent status of the Vermont Republic.The organization was founded in 2003 by Thomas Naylor,a former Duke University economics professor who published the book The Vermont Manifesto that same year.In early 2007 an anonymously written blog revealed some advisory board members had affiliations with Neo-Confederate groups, such as the League of the South (LOS), resulting in internal and public controversy.
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