Great Cthulu brings us his Constitution

Posted by W. Edwin Hinds IV on Jan 8, 2010 @ Fed Land

How do you protect yourself from great evil? Invoke the very power of the great evil and hope you get left alone.

On December 24th of '09, Roderick T Long over at Austro-Atheninan Empire informed his readers of what he called a "charming bit of theocratic statist-right propaganda". The propaganda he referred to was an artists rendition of Jesus standing amongst us lesser mortals, holding the Constitution in his right hand. The image portrayed the very false statist assumptions of war being good and a woman's right to choose what happens to her body as evil. It also unfortunately lumped people like Thomas Jefferson with the likes of Hamilton and Lincoln.

The statist jesus image depicts state power as holy. It implies that the evils of government stem solely from the wrong people being in power, politicians who do not follow the word of God. Personally I find that to be a total load of hogwash. The Constitution is far from perfect and is certainly not a divine gift from on high. As a matter of fact, it is the foundation of power that the evil use to enslave the masses. It hands over the responsibility of the individual to the aggregate of the body politic.

With that being said, you can imagine how delighted I was to find a piece of counter-propaganda that was just as rich in symbolism as statist jesus. As a matter of fact, the image is a corrupted version of former. The part that struck me as brilliant was the inclusion of the child reaching up and scrawling the Elder Sign on the blank constitution, with his own blood. The imagery itself is evocative and repulsive, calling it disturbing fails to do it justice. As for its origins, the horrible work of art was posted in the Paranormal board on 4chan. A gift from Anonymous.

If you are unfamiliar with the Elder Sign, I can do some explaining for you. The Elder Sign is a symbol that according to the Cthulu Mythos, protects the person who wields it, from the depredations of the Great Cthulu or his lesser cohorts. It doesn't always work in the literature.

If you are ever faced with the horrors of a Great Old One, you shouldn't put much faith in symbolic gestures. The same is true for the Constitution, it wont extricate you from the corrupt bile that is spewed forth from R'lyeh on the Potomac.

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Fun pic

Lincoln looks like he's doing an impression of Al Jolson singing Mammy:

"I'd walk a million miles, for one of your smiles..."

But it's definitely anti-historical. Ben Franklin never stood next to any astronautess.