More proof that China will one day own us

I came across this clip while surfing Youtube for Jim Rogers clips. It's of Soros being interviewed in China in front of a large audience of what appears to be reporters. I have no idea who the two Chinese men are sitting next to him, whether they be journalists or have some connection to the government, but the guy on the right challenges Soros on his views of what causes and cures recessions. What's interesting is that the Chinese man makes arguments straight out of the Austrian economics catechism. If his views are common in China, the Chinese will one day own us (if they don't already).

Soros eventually does talk about Jim Rogers at the end, basically belittling him and claiming he hasn't been successful since he left the Quantum Fund. I've been following Rogers for over a decade, and his predictions have been basically correct, moreso than any other talking head I've seen. I haven't, however, seen any hard numbers on his returns.

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In theory it should not matter who owns the US

as long as only registered voters can elect people to congress.

Pragmatically, the name of the tax collector or the name of his party doesn't seem to manage. Last two years three trillion dollars disappeared and I don't recall any Chinese names being involved.


I came in here expecting to be the first to say "They already own us!". Guess I will only be seconding that thought.

China is deep in our paper, and nothing but hard assets in fist are safe from dollar devaluation. They can invest in any other currency or paper asset but anything intangible is eventually USD backed if you drill down enough. The Chinese, as the same with the Roman provinces of antiquity, will be boned when the imperium collapses. China will suffer worse than CONUS.

Makes me wonder though, will they try to play repoman post-TEOTWAWKI? Will they not even have the funds to buy fuel for their tow-truck?

In liberty,
Sv. S.Elmo


will they try to play repoman post-TEOTWAWKI?

Nope. Washington DC is/will be full of barons falling all over themselves to collect taxes from the US serfs to send to their Chinese king.

China not listening to this fellow

The guy criticizing Soros in this video is correct but China is apparently not listening to him.

I counted off at least seven errors by Soros in his talk. Wrote them in a comment yesterday but hit "preview comment" as it if was submit, and then forgot to hit submit. One of the most annoying characteristics of this web site.

Yes, that happens to me a

Yes, that happens to me a lot. It sucks!