Time's Person of the Year

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Other than Steve Jobs and Usain Bolt, the specific people on that list are all scumbags, and in a just society would be treated like crooks, not celebrated by an adoring press. "The Chinese Worker" is a concept, not a person, but it got my vote. Which, of course, is not worth the electrons it's submitted with.

BONUS: Minimum 100-word harangue about Steve Jobs and intellectual "property".

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Isn't "Person of the Year"

Isn't "Person of the Year" the person that most "made news?" Hence, scumbags aren't necessarily celebrated (see: Hitler, Time's person of the year 1938 = Hitler.) Of course, they kind of got away from that with 2001 not being Osama Bin Laden, and Hitler not being Person of the Century. Hell, this year's person of the year should be Tiger Woods.

Harangue eh?

Steve Jobs rebuilt his crappy computer "empire" by selling ergonomic garbage to hipsters with hard drives full of pirated music, whilst touting crap about piracy being his biggest competitor. Piracy has and always will be a part of the success of his ipod, that AND vapid commercials that seem to pitch to the same Volkswagen-driving fascists who reside at the plethora of adult daycare centers disguised as scholastic institutions.

That can all be forgiven, I can even overlook the perpetual wearing of turtlenecks to hide the disfiguring scar where he ripped the heart out of his own body and used it for an ashtray.

What I cannot let go is the fact that the employee's in his monopsony strangled slave camp factories cannot afford to purchase his "device", let alone music from the very store he claims as competition to pirates.

Jobs knows he cant ignore his real market, pirates.

(Did I get the bonus?)


adult daycare centers disguised as scholastic institutions

I'll have to remember that one. You've got my vote for the bonus.