HR 1207 clears committee, attachs to HR 4173 and passes.


So here's the good news: the Paul amendment passed with the bill! No matter how bad the overall bill, it's still pretty incredible that we were able to get a thorough audit of the Fed all the way through the House.

Personally, I don't care how bad the overall bill is. Auditing the Fed is the first step to abolishing yet another US central bank.

I wonder how this will play out in the Senate, probably the same way it played out for these fellas with those nice taxpayer funded ear muffs:

Well, one can hope the Senate and Presidente allow this audit to happen. Otherwise they just may build a prison for all of us, the southern fence is getting built right now.


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What do you expect will be uncovered?

Anyone think the books will not balance?

The Fed has the best CPAs and computers available. If they can't excel at cooking the books . . . . Only a high level insider whistle blower will produce interesting results. Fat chance of that - if he has family and wants them to live.

I do not think anyone really

I do not think anyone really believes they will find blatant enron-esque irregularities. I believe (rational, informed) people just want to see what kind of sweetheart deals are being played out around the globe to the various central banks.

How much of the stolen loot is going into what pockets. Hardly a criminal investigation as it would be the airing of dirty laundry.