Irgendwann fällt jede Mauer

The Berlin Wall fell twenty years ago today. This was part of a longer chain of events leading to the demise of communism as a worldwide phenomenon. Watch here. Jubilation like that gives me goose bumps.

On a personal note, I was a child of seven living in West Germany during this very period. I was too young to understand the significance of it, but not too young to feel the electricity in the air and see it on everyone's face. I could relive that all day long too.

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Your comment on goosebumps

Your comment on goosebumps really hit home with me, its exactly how I feel when I see the video of November 9th. The wonderful thing about the wall was that it was a perfect symbolic representation of all the evil that communist repression and control stood for. Jubilant crowds breaking that thing down like that sent an absolutely clear message of freedom loving rebellion against a very easily defined enemy.
The problem with today: The enemies of freedom are nowhere near so clearly defined or obvious. Much of what really is dangerous to that same spirit which was visible on the day the wall fell is scattered all over and upheld by a lot of people who mistake it for something good and just. The threats to real liberty that exist today are just as insidious as they were then, but nowhere near so clear and obvious. We need a modern Berlin wall to tear down.