What will Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, and Barack Obama have in common?

Obama must be hurting. Still reeling from everyone knowing he didn't deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, he's decided to start shit with Fox News. So it's not a real news organization? Everybody knows that, except the people who won't be convinced by anything Obama says anyway.

Earlier this year Obama was untouchable. He neutered the anti-war movement, the anti-drug-war movement, and the civil liberties movement in one fell swoop, and people who'd been apoplectic about these issues a year before now totally forgot, and justified it in various, inevitably lame ways. He was riding high on support, even as the economy limped along. Even this issue took a while to dent his credibility.

And now, with America catching on to the horror that is the Democrats' health care "reform" package, his armor is cracking. Iraq is still a mess, and Afghanistan is a ticking time bomb. Even a few naïve "progressives" have started to notice that, wait, he tricked us! The economy is recovering, maybe, but not soon enough for him to get out unscathed.

So he takes on Fox News? Even Fox News knows this is great for them. I thought a few years ago, when Obama was just beginning to make headlines in the Senate, that he'd be a two-term president one day. Now it's starting to look like the Republicans will have a walk in the park in 2012, assuming they can find somebody even mildly less repugnant than Emperor Palpatine.

Of course, I'm not holding my breath on that.

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The lunacy of Fox News and their ilk trumps all

Even so, judging from the anecdotal evidence gleaned from Facebook, liberals and progressives think Glen Beck comparing a plea for volunteerism to communism is far, far lamer than any bait and switch Obama may have pulled. I say 'may' because as some have pointed out, he was always vague enough on the question of war, drugs and civil liberties (perhaps) to read into him whatever you want.

And now Cheney reminds us that he and his kind are even worse by suggesting Obama is being too reticent about pulling out all the stops in Afghanistan.

So it's not a real news

So it's not a real news organization? Everybody knows that

The obvious proximate cause of the attack on Fox is recent reporting and fact-checking (there was a specific complaint about fact-checking) done by Fox that embarrassed the administration. So whether or not you think Fox is a "real news organization", whatever that means, Obama's underlying dissatisfaction is that it is reporting real news that he would rather it be ignoring.

The main complaint of Fox

The main complaint of Fox I've seen recently, from Rachel Maddow and other progressive critics, is that Fox creates its own news, and then this gets picked up by the other networks. Maddow complained about Fox explicitly organizing some of the Tea Party protests; the silly ACORN undercover shtick is a more recent example.