Storm-chasing, Wife-swapping, Self-promoting, Media-hoaxing

It now appears that criminal charges are going to be filed against the Heene family.

After I posted on Thursday about the missing boy, Falcon Heene, I ran into the following video on a message board.

I edited my original post to include the video with the added speculation that a father who makes a video like this with his sons is more likely to plan a publicity stunt, and that the whole incident might be a hoax. I quickly re-edited my post and removed the video and added commentary for fear of appearing in bad taste should the boy be found dead.

The most suspicious aspect of the aftermath was when Falcon said, "We did it for the show," when asked why he didn't answer his parents' screams while hiding.

The Heene family released a video of the launch which incriminates more than absolves: there's no box, no Falcon in sight, and plenty of bad acting.

Criminal masterminds, these people are not. My unscientific polling of friends reveals a near-universal belief that the incident was a hoax.

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Get rich quick scheme

Their underhanded scheme to achieve fame (and, probably, riches) half-worked. It half-worked pretty spectacularly. It probably exceeded their wildest dreams.

Too bad (for them) they couldn't pull off the other half. They could have won big, but today they're the world's biggest loser family.

Yeah, had they put the 6

Yeah, had they put the 6 year old in the balloon, it would have been spectacular.