Obamacare question

For a while it looked like "Obamacare" might really get through, but recently I've been thinking that the project is hopelessly lost--we're only at the face-saving stage now. For those of us who really feel passionately about enriching the health care industry while screwing average Americans even worse than the current majority-government-controlled system already does, this is a grievous defeat, and there's a limitless supply of hand-wringing from the Democratic Party and its stooges about this.

But I could be wrong. Do you readers think it's still a possibility?

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Of course it's a

Of course it's a possibility. People objected to the stimulus too, yet they still passed it, and weren't thrown out for it. Heck, most people think it should be canceled now, and nothing of the sort is happening. Maybe they think they can get away with passing this -- it's still far from the elections. Plus, no one sees how screwed over they get until 2013.

Hopefully it *can* be defeated, but I certainly wouldn't count it off now. Do not underestimate Pelosi....

Re: Obamacare Question

I'm hesitantly in agreement. The plan that Democrats wanted is more-or-less untenable now. But they still have the ability to pass a destructive "compromise" bill. Heavier regulation of private insurers could still come from this. That might include a prohibition on pre-existing conditions, higher coverage requirements, and requirements on employers to offer plans where they might not have before.


I suspect that if it does not pass, that will be blamed on Republicans getting in the way of Progress. If it is not shoved down our throats this year, it will rear its ugly head again next year, and continue coming back until it passes.