Failed Prohibition

Jacob Sullum recently wrote up some pretty ridiculous statements by Tommy Benton, GA state representative. He also included Benton's official email address, in case you wanted to share some thoughts. Here's what I shared:

Mr. Benton,

I've been alerted to your ideas about the sale and use of drugs. I
concede that a person might have reasons for taking this strong a
position about the use of substances, however wrong and frankly
un-American I think that might be.

But you've made a very important and all-too-common error: millions
upon millions of Americans already get high without fear of getting
arrested. Marijuana is everywhere. I have spent some time in
Valdosta, and while I didn't buy or use marijuana there, I could have
at the drop of a hat. The same goes for almost any place in the

The current Prohibition is every bit as much of a failure as the
previous one, they're just not advertising speakeasies in the
newspaper. The typical government solution is to double down on its
failed policies--I hope you'll reconsider.

- Randall McElroy III

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He won't.

He won't.