Military Coup in Honduras?

Manuel Zelaya, President of Honduras, and a Hugo Chavez wanna-be, has apparently been overthrown in a bloodless military coup in Honduras. This is apparently in response to his attempts to co-op the military in his unconstitutional attempt to hold on to power despite term limits.

Although Obama is likely to disagree, this has all the earmarks of a major improvement in the living conditions in Honduras. I would have voted if the choice was threeway: Obama/McCain/MC.

Regards, Don

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Iran / Honduras, double

Iran / Honduras, double standard.

Who is MC? Honduras was one

Who is MC?

Honduras was one of the belligerents in Trevor Dupuy's Future Wars, fighting against a revived Sandanista regime. And indeed Ortega has come back, though he seems relatively defanged now.

In Honduras, a leftist

In Honduras, a leftist anti-US president was removed by the military, and replaced with a more moderate voice. So why is Obama complaining about this favorable development?

The way I see it is that, in a lot of countries, the military serves as a fourth branch of government and acts as a check against an overreaching executive branch. This is especially true in countries where the military officers tend to be composed of the nation's best and brightest while the voters are poor and uneducated. Zelaya, the ousted president, was attempting to violate the Honduran constitution by staying in office longer than he was allowed to. The Honduran supreme court has ruled that the military acted in accordance with the Honduran constitution, and in fact it was the supreme court which authorized the coup in the first place (see here).

Just because the United States doesn’t have an independent military doesn’t mean it’s a bad system for other countries. So I give Obama a big thumbs down for trying to put Zelaya back in power. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that Obama is a fool who is working against the interests of both the United States and the people of Honduras.

[Ed.: This is lifted verbatim from Half Sigma's post here. Please cite all quoted material.]

That far?


In fact, I'd go so far as to say that Obama is a fool...

That's like saying that you're willing to open your front door to pick up your newspaper off the porch.

Regards, Don

Yes, that was pretty edgy.

Yes, that was pretty edgy.

Depends how you judge him

If Obama gets himself fired after four years because of his decisions, then judged by the standard of rational self-interest he's a fool. If he gets reelected despite hurting America, then it's harder to prove he's a fool. Arguably some presidents, who I will not name, succeeded politically precisely because of the tremendous damage they did to the country.