May Day 2009

Every year for the past five, we have taken time on May 1st to remember the victims of communism. Because of our busy personal lives, we did not have the time to put together any original articles this year. For that, I apologize. Instead, I will link to a few of our articles from previous years. We hope to bring it back next year bigger than ever.

The Red Plague by Professor R. J. Rummel
The Road To Hell Was Paved With Bad Intentions by Bryan Caplan
Cambodian Year Zero by Jonathan Wilde
Torture and Tyranny: The Real Che by Randall McElroy
Hoeryong: Peering Inside a Death Camp by Rainbough Phillips
Trofim Lysenko: Ideology, Power, and the Destruction of Science by Matt McIntosh
Ecocide: The Murder of the Aral Sea by Brian Doss
Remembrance by Jonathan Wilde

We hope you remember the victims of communism in your own way today on your own blogs.

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