Good News for Jonathan Wilde

There's a new magazine in Lebanon. The editor-in-chief had this to say in a recent interview:

The body is always very present in the way I see the world; I always say that I write with my nails and my body. When I had the idea to start my own project in journalism I thought about doing a magazine but when I gave it a little more thought I realized I needed a bigger challenge, something new and that I’m very passionate about, so why not a cultural magazine that talks about the body? This magazine is also a need in my society—if I go to a bookshop this magazine is not there, it’s not present. It’s time to address the body in our society and as a subject that has been stolen from us.

For me it’s outrageous that the body is something that we can’t talk about because if you go back to our cultural and literary heritage you’ll see that we have Arabic writers who go back to 10th century who speak about these topics in a beautiful free way. On a more recent level in our contemporary time it’s become taboo to say things freely. When we come to say a word we say it in Arabic or French because it seems vulgar in Arabic but normal in English or French.

And check out the photo that acompanies said interview. She's 38 years old. I'd say it certainly backs up Wilde's previous claim:

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Maybe "learned hand" is

Maybe "learned hand" is learning some more today?

I love the Mediterranean look

See Dr. Cuddy as a prime example.