Leftism and Antisemitism

Have you ever noticed that a lot of left-wing rhetoric sounds an awful lot like antisemitic rhetoric with "Jews" crossed out and "affluent white males" written in? This Gentile Privilege Checklist (scroll down to the list with arabic numerals) written by Julie over at Alas really seals the deal.

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Dear Julie


“Upon meeting me, no one violates my privacy by asking to see that deformity, nor do they violate my bodily autonomy to search for it.”

Yeah, the first question whenever Gentiles meet a Jew is “Drop your drawers I want to feel around in you underwear to see if you are circumcised”.

What kind of hare brained bigoted jerk are you?

That would be as asinine as if someone came up with a list:

Jewish Privilege
1. “Upon meeting me do you assume I’m thinking of your genitles.
2. Calling non Jews by a name that sounds a lot like genitles.

Black/Muslim Privilege
1. Hating someone white because someone at some time in history of the same color held slaves sometime in the past, while totally ignoring participation of my own race/religion in the practice.
2. ….

Material perhaps suitable for stand up comics but not to be taken the least bit seriously.

All such lists are based on gross over generalizations and bigotry. Which you’ve shown a ample quantity of.

Oh, and by the way, about your rule: “In doing so, they broke one of the fundamental rules of anti-oppression work: you never, ever dictate to a group what its own experience looks like.”

I’m sure the Nazis would be happy with that rule because their experience was that the Jews were destroying their country and their gene pool. At least from their own experience.

I don't get it

I've long been aware that anti-semitism and leftism have much in common. However, I don't really see what you're getting at here. What is Julie's role here? Julie appears to be a leftist who is complaining about anti-semites. So she might play either of two roles in your discussion. Is Julie's role here that she is the sort of leftist who is, as you say, analogous to an anti-semite once you switch terms? Or is her role that she is complaining about anti-semites and does her (implied) description of anti-semites apply also to leftists, once you switch terms?

Actually, not being a

Actually, not being a regular reader of Alas, you might not get it. But about two-thirds of the items on that list are representative of the way affluent white males are treated and/or spoken about by many of the commenters and bloggers there.

So for example

So for example, Julie writes:

If I [meaning a gentile] achieve success in my career, it will not be attributed to a predisposition to cunning and greed, or my group’s supposed control of the field, community, government, or world.

Whereas in fact if affluent white males achieve success in their career, it most certainly will be attributed by leftists to a vile disposition and their group's supposed control.


It's not that I didn't understand - what I just wrote above was clear enough - it's that I wasn't sure that this was what you meant.

That's right. And yeah, I

That's right. And yeah, I prohably just should have said "yes" to your last sentence.

So, as a Jew you're

So, as a Jew you're oppressed because people assume you are more likely than average to be wealthy and intelligent?

I'm starting on a non-white

I'm starting on a non-white privilege list. Here it is so far:

1) It is considered racist to discriminate against me on the basis of my race.

2) I am not automatically considered responsible for the suffering of others.

1) It is considered racist

1) It is considered racist to discriminate against me on the basis of my race.

That's called logic.

Only for non-whites

"That's called logic."
The assumption being that whites don't get this privilege.