And You Thought Bush Was Clueless

-Obama was involved in a very favorable real estate transaction with Tony Rezko, and around this same time Rezko was awarded large HUD contracts, but Obama knew nothing of Rezko's wrongdoings.

-Obama attended the Reverend Wright's church for 20 years, but was shocked to hear Wright's inflamitory sermon in 2008, which was, according to Obama, new ground for Wright.

-Obama worked on Blago's 2006 re-election campaign, and Blago was telling the SEIU that he'd get the new Obama administration to help push SEIU's agenda if SEIU gave Blago an executive position once Blago was out of office, but Obama isn't in any way connected to Blago's under-the-table dealings.

We've elected Maxwell Smart to the White House.

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Bush is embarrassing. Obama

Bush is embarrassing. Obama is FOS. Palin is just ignorant. McCain needs more docs than an SEC filing.

The loser is us.


SEIU is maybe the only labor union that is trying to organize minimum wage workers. The rest have forgotten their working class origins and only want to represent the (shrinking) middle class.