Good Christmas Gift Under $50

The Perfumed Court is a cool website that allows you to buy small samples of hundreds upon hundreds of fragrances (including vintage and discontinued ones).

An important thing to note about fragrances is that they wear on people differently. Humidity affects how long a fragrance lasts, differences in pH among individuals has an effect, and there are other factors. Thus, you don't really want to recommend a fragrance for someone else. There is a better option, and you can find it at the Perfumed Court.

They offer very affordable sample packs of some of the very best fragrances from some of the very best houses and lines in 1 or 1.5 ML samples. Get your mom seven of the best women's evening wear perfumes for her next night out with friends, just $36 plus shipping. Get your brother five of the best men's day wear colognes for around the office, just $23 plus shipping. (Oh shit, I just reinforced gender roles big time, didn't I?)

Any fragrance is going to have three distinct phases, or notes as they're called. The top note comes first. It's what you smell when you first spray or apply the fragrance. After the top note fades, you've got your mid note. Then after a number of hours, you're left with the base note. It's important to pay attention and make note of each note.

This makes for a more interesting gift than you'd initially think. Be sure to point how the different notes will appear to your recipient and have them smell for these different notes as they try out their samples. They'll get to try out several different expensive fragrances, compare and contrast, see what wears well on them, and can use your gift to make an informed investment in a quality fragrance (some of the fragrances can approach $200+ per bottle, so trying out samples is definitely the way to go).

Just a thought.

P.S. If any of you are buying for an older gentleman, check out Vintage Tabaróme by Creed. They've changed the formula for Tabaróme and don't make the vintage stuff anymore, but the Perfumed Court has it available for sale. It's supposed to be the manliest of all colognes. It was commissioned in 1875 by King George IV and was the favorite fragrance of men like Winston Churchill and Humphrey Bogart. Smells like as cross between tobacco and an old leather club chair. I've got to stick with the new Tabaróme Millésime for now, as I'm not old enough to pull off the original. But I plan to switch if there's any of the vintage left in 20 years or so.

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Leaky Lesion, Good post. I

Leaky Lesion,

Good post. I may look into this (Seriously).

I'm still baffled how or why you know this. Must be one of those "get in azz and get out the door" website/blogs. :)

Great post, Kyle. For the

Great post, Kyle. For the longest time, I have never really cared about what perfumes I use. It's not really my thing. BUT after checking that site out, I must say it woke me up from this idiocy. Hah!

Thanks and cheers!