God Bless America

From Yahoo's front page early this morning:

I don't know what metal detectors coming in at number ten says about us. More thrift perhaps? In addition to online coupon codes at number six, people are going old school in these tough economic times and searching for change and jewelry at the beach?

Comforting, that at the end of the day, we're going to have meat stuffed with meat stuffed with meat on the table.

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God Bless xkcd

"Wolfram's rule 34" is fighting for the top search spot today.

Dontcha mean internet rule

Dontcha mean internet rule 34? Wolfram was just part of the response meme. Such as "diamond is the hardest metal known the man" then you get "Dragonforce is the hardest metal known the man" etc.

Both. This is all about

Both. This is all about applying Internet's rule 34 to Wolfran's rule 34. Turing complete cellular automaton porn ftw.