Commies Denounce New Bond Girl

The Communist Party of St. Petersberg has condemend actress Olga Kurylenko for her role in the new Bond flick they say aids, "the killer of hundreds of Soviet people and their allies." The group described 007 himself as, "a man who worked for decades under the orders of Thatcher and Reagan to destroy the USSR." Thatcher, sure. I don't think Yanks get to order around British secret agents.

I guess the Communist Party of St. Pete is offended because Bond has only killed hundreds of Russians, and they think this total is too meager? Or were they upset they didn't get to starve a few extra hundred?

It gets better. The party reaches out to Kurylenko:

The Soviet Union educated you, cared for you and brought you up for free but no one suspected that you would commit this act of intellectual and moral betrayal.

Ah, most folks don't associate the USSR with freedom, intellect or morality. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess Ukrainians are some of the last people who would sign on to that kind of endorsement.

The party goes on to claim the new Bond film is trying to drive a wedge between the Ukrainian and Russian people. I'm sure the invasion and occupation led to a wonderful brotherhood. Curse you, James Bond, for souring all the communists have worked for!

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I've always found it

I've always found it disturbing that James Bond has a license to kill. The usual checks and balances, such as juries and appeals courts, don't apply to licenses to kill, which seem to be granted only to secret agents with secret oversight.

BK Marcus objects to Bond movies on economic grounds.

Is the license meaningful?

For the most part, Bond kills in foreign lands. Is a British license to kill meaningful in that context?

Also, the license to kill could be interpreted as merely a license to do what vigilantes do - something which should not require a license in the first place. Does Bond step outside the bounds of natural law?

Juries and courts - these are details with derived rather than primary importance. They exist to ensure that the bad guys are punished and the innocent go free. Throughout Bond's adventures, one villain after another attempts to murder him, and Bond defends his life, usually by dispatching the villain. This is no more than any of us have the right to do. Waiting around for a jury decision before we defend our own lives from someone who is actually trying to kill us right now is not an option.

I'm Not Too Familiar

Has Bond ever done straight assassin work? Or is he always investigating villains who then try to rub him out, and at that point he winds up killing their henchmen and then going after the boss that ordered the hit in the first place?

Has Bond ever done straight

Has Bond ever done straight assassin work?

Of course, it's a clearly heteronormative franchise.

+5 Internets, sir.

+5 Internets, sir.

Has Bond ever done straight assassin work?

I believe you're thinking of Mr. Belvedere.


The power of a black-and-white photo...

Well, I can see their point

But really, I don't think that the Bond movie really is going to cause many deaths as they claim. I think that somebody decided to put out a press release or something to keep face.

Give a commie an inch...

The ridiculous "SPECTRE" organization only existed in the movies because they didn't want to offend the commies.

USSR Education?

"The Soviet Union educated you..."

Really? How old is this woman? The USSR has been gone for what, nineteen years? I find it hard to believe the old USSR played a huge role in her education. Although I suppose the old education system has lived on in many ways, even after the fall of communism. Hardly something she should be grateful for.

Wikipedia Says


In case you're reading this,

In case you're reading this, Olga, congratulations on your birthday today!

There is only one relevant question...

Would you tap that, yes or no?

Hellz yeah!

This looks very much like

This looks very much like the sort of publicity seeking that midwestern churches do by denouncing Disney as encouraging witchcraft. If the target is sufficiently prominent they get coverage they would never get by their own achievements. Isn't it good to see that even communists are adopting western values?

Bond was ordered to do a straight assassination in that film were he went toboganning on a cello. Granted he was ordered to kill her only when she was about to shoot somebody, he didn't do it & it turned out the villain had actually tricked MI5 into ordering it.