Pregnancy Pact

From Time:

As summer vacation begins, 17 girls at Gloucester High School are expecting babies—more than four times the number of pregnancies the 1,200-student school had last year. Some adults dismissed the statistic as a blip. Others blamed hit movies like Juno and Knocked Up for glamorizing young unwed mothers. But principal Joseph Sullivan knows at least part of the reason there's been such a spike in teen pregnancies in this Massachusetts fishing town. School officials started looking into the matter as early as October after an unusual number of girls began filing into the school clinic to find out if they were pregnant. By May, several students had returned multiple times to get pregnancy tests, and on hearing the results, "some girls seemed more upset when they weren't pregnant than when they were," Sullivan says. All it took was a few simple questions before nearly half the expecting students, none older than 16, confessed to making a pact to get pregnant and raise their babies together. Then the story got worse. "We found out one of the fathers is a 24-year-old homeless guy," the principal says, shaking his head.

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Don't blame movies for

Don't blame movies for stupid choices.

teen pact

This happens all the time. Just because it's white girls in the North East makes it news. Catholics have been doing this for years. Two words "stupid sluts" The parents are to blame. Do we really think this was their first sexual experience? NO, It was not. Where were their parent when they were being "knocked up"? Dumb sluts. period.

Catholics have been doing this for years?

I'm sorry, but I'm a Catholic, and I have never in my life heard of anything like this. That's an interesting tidbit of data you've got there.


I dont really care two cents for your comment about Catholics doing this for years. It really pisses me off as a devout catholic to hear comments like this. May the Lord be with you.


that's right! lets blame the

that's right! lets blame the REAL culprit, JAMIE LYNN SPEARS!

iiright u people need to

iiright u people need to leave her alone she did not knock these girls up i doubt she has a penis and teen girls have been getting preganat way before she was even born so shut up dont u think shes got enough to deal with

i agree

i agree

Finally, white girls being

Finally, white girls being exposed for their 'true lives'.
This should prove to some that this type of behavior isn't just a 'black thang'.
Of course, if these girls were higher income we still wouldn't know anything about it.

this is not an issue that

this is not an issue that has anything to do with race. this issue is clearly a result of our youth being uneducated and ignorant. furthermore, to say "finally white girls being exposed for their true lives" is just as ignorant as the situation itself

Hooray for the

Hooray for the abstinence-only programs! Clearly, they are working!


I think that just because you teach kids not to have sex doesn't mean they aren't going to have it. In fact, I think the abstinence only programs are more dangerous because the students don't get the full facts so when they do become sexually active, they aren't as educated on doing it safely. I'd rather my kid know all the horrible dirty intricacies of preventing pregnancies and diseases then having him or her not know anything at all and be even more at risk. Not to say that abstinence isn't a good policy, it certainly is, but I think students need to be aware as well.

Abstinence is for avoiding

Abstinence is for avoiding pregnancy. These girls wanted to become pregnant, not avoid doing so.

Culture Vrs. Parenthood

I do believe that this problem does not exactly concern abstinence. I´m a 25 year old catholic girl. I think this problem concerns parenthood. It´s not enough when kids are taught about sex, or even invited to an abstinence group or whatever, it´s deffinetelly not enough being raised in a catholic school either. I think the most important thing is being actually raised in a family..where moral values are taught. When parents care enough to teach their children to be wise in making their desitions, that´s the key to all. Parents will not always be there by their kids side....they can´t be, the purpose is to raise them well to make reasonable desitions. Going with the flow...just because you´re friends want to be pregnant is just the same that they all want to get tattoos. I´m not saying either one is bad...the thing is, there is a moment for everything in life.

These girls, might have been taught sexual education, and talked about abstinence, and teen pregnancies, but they might not have been taught about the HUGE responsability having a child everything in life changes with a child, how you are forced to grow up before its even you might never grow up. Having a child is a beautiful thing, a miracle, but there is a moment for everything. Fine, this girls are having their babies, parents and friends must support them and love them and help them. But what of the other girls around them, who see this example...parents of really young girls who will be faced to making the wrong desition. The thing is....parents MUST teach their kids to know what the wisest and most convenient desition to take for themselves is.

I agree. Teens need to be

I agree. Teens need to be taught moral values, but that's not practiced much in todays world.

you're dumb

you're dumb.
you hear this
because it is one of the few mass white cases
i think it is statistically insignificant
in the sea of cases in the inner city


The point of this story is not that:

1. The kids are white
2. The kids are from the Northeast.

I am 20 years old. I am also engaged, and happen to live in the Northeast. That doesn't mean I am pregnant or ignorant. The point of this story isn't that inner-city kids finally get recognized for the "accomplishment" of always being knocked-up. It is about how in a small fishing town, with a hell of a lot less people than ONE BURROW, kids PLANNED to get pregnant. I don't think that that's common everyday in the city even. And if it is it sure isn't something you should be boasting about the issue not getting recognition.

Ignorant Posts!

I feel the need to reply to the posters that claim "white girls" and Catholics do this type of thing all the time. This is not about race or religion. It's about stupidity and lack of parenting. Before you make such racist comments take a moment to think about the situation in reverse. If these girls were any race other than white no one would dare make a comment about their race.

dont make this a race thing

dont make this a race thing thats just stupid

Parents Make Pact

On a side note the parents of the girls make a pact to have 17 abortions. Planned Parenthood declined to comment if they would receive a group discount.




this is all so dumb.
we shouldnt be giving these little girls the attention that they are so blatently craving. by doing so it will cause other GIRLS (black, white, green, or purple) to realize what a mess of attention you can receive from acting like a skank. and where the EFF were these girls parents????
this isnt an issue of white girls being exposed for what they secretly do.
this is not a race issue and this is not an issue of demographics. its a matter of a lack of sex ed and a lack of parenting.
when i was 16 freekin years old my mother and father knew damn well where i was and if i was making a 'pregnancy pact'.
too bad these girls were so in need of love that they are now bringing 17 poor babies into this world, who did not ask to be brought in under these conditions. that should be the real story.

i agree with u on this is

i agree with u on this is not a race thing and all schools have sex ed and this has nothing to do with these girls parents. parents can talk to their kids all they want about birth control and abstanace but in the end its not up to the parents if there children have sex or not u can be the best parent in the world and still have ur 16 year old daughter still come home preganat. and im sure when u were 16 if u really wanted to do something u would do it and lie about were u were or leave that place and do it there will always be a way to get around things so do not blame this on the parents they did not go out and tell there kids go make me a grandma. it was apprently these girls choice although i dont think there is a pact with that many girls. maby two or three of them made the pact but i doubt the other girls participated. most of the time it relly is an accident i mean some of the girls probaly did it to fit in because everyone else was. theyd do the same thing if it was the 17 girls smokin pot it would be no diffrent. this is not a media thing movies have always had unplanned pregancy involved
this is not jamie lyns fault for god sake leave her alone that family has enough to deal with they dont need biased people saying its her fault all theses girls got prego i doubt she has a frekin penis. girls dont have sex because they feel unloved sex dosent make u feel loved unless if its with someone u love and the first couple times arent that fun any way! and no baby asks to be born in to the family there born in ne way its all up to God. there is no statistic out there saying that these girls are not able to love a baby as much as 30 year old. every thing happens for reason


I think you need to not mention abortion, because I believe it is terribly wrong. I know it's off subject, but talking about "group discounts" is not right. You're not god, so you shoudn't have the right to decide what lives or dies.

why in lords name would they

why in lords name would they wanna ruin their lives like that?

what has come to this world

who says that having a baby

who says that having a baby when ur young is runing ur life

This is not funny. It's a problem.

I don't feel that lack of sex ed or the movies is the problem. And having seen both of those movies, I don't feel they portrayed pregnancy in a good light anyway. Having seen them made me NOT want to get pregnant in high school.
I think that these girls wanted something to do because obviously they didn't have any better ideas. I think the real problem is that they have nothing else to do - or maybe they're feeling trapped. Either way, they already have a support network set up among themselves and I feel they have an even better chance of succeeding however they want when they have allies in their friends and families. Clearly there is nothing more to hide, and the fact that the press is hounding them is not good and could only make the situation worse. These pessimistic people on the news saying "oh they'll all end up in welfare" don't help either. Maybe a little support or suggestions could help.
If people are truly afraid of supporting these girls just because it might "set an example" or make other girls want to do this too, then they're wrong. After seeing how the public and media has responded to this "pact" nobody will want that too.
Having a baby is not a bad thing, and just because they're young doesn't mean they're going to be any worse mothers than some older women in bad relationships. I think these girls should be given a chance and a choice on how they want to proceed. In the meantime, the school, town and their families should support them.
Also, I don't think that last comment was necessary about the 17 abortions. Neither was it funny. Abortion is not funny and you should not be making jokes about this.

just because they're young

just because they're young doesn't mean they're going to be any worse mothers than some older women in bad relationships

No, but the fact that they made a crazy pact and picked a hobo to impregnate them does.


De-evolution. It's real


Do you mean dysgenics ?

Do you mean dysgenics ?

No, the band. Crack that

No, the band. Crack that whip!

I heard about this on the

I heard about this on the news today and am completely appalled. Some of the reasons given as to why this pact was formed was so that the girls could have someone to unconditionally love them. another, to gain status. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? If these girls don't feel loved unconditionally, then I'm thinking part of the blame should be geared toward the parents. And what the hell is this nonsense about gaining status?????

I think having a baby this day and age is a very bad thing... especially if you're unprepared. You cannot tell me that girls, ages ranging from 12 to 16, are prepared to handle raising another human being properly. It's babies raising babies.

Oh, and the abortion joke was fucking hilarious!

Your language stinks, get

Your language stinks, get real!

finally someone who feels

finally someone who feels like i do

Poor parents

I feel sorry for the parents for they will be the ones really taking care of the children. These girls will see the light when these babies are need in constant attention,crying for no reason,up all night,running fevers,sick with viruses,teething,responsibility for their safety,a lot of bottle feedings,diaper changes. I can go on. There child hood is over and they are still children. They will see the light and how foolish they are. Too late now girls. Stand up and be a mother and a single parent!

Feel bad for the parents,

Feel bad for the parents, eh? I wonder if they'll be doing another bang up job this next go around....


I totally agree w/ poor parents. Who in the heck would want to get pregnant as a teenager? Obviously there is not enough for them to do around there. I got pregnant back when I was 17 way before Juno, and the Jamie lynn thing and I know how hard it is to raise a child while going to college. I love my daughter, but it was not easy at all sure there were times I enjoyed her but keeping up with a child's schedule making sure she is getting enough attention, housework, laundry, work, and staying up all night for four and a half years getting through college was not what I call just something fun to do.This is not a game young people!As a highschool teacher, I'm disturbed. Having been a young single mom, I roll my eyes. Having a baby is not a game, it's not a fashion acssessory, and I hope these girls prepare because they are about to get a very hard smack in the face from reality.
As for the racial and abortion comments, go clean your own cobwebs out of your own closets first!

Poor parents!? Poor children!

I think the bigger tragedy here is the fact that these children will be entering a life where they were part of a "pregnancy pact". Talk about emotionally traumatizing.

Eh, no worse than all the

Eh, no worse than all the "oops, condom broke!" babies running around out there (it could be you and me!). There is a reason parents aren't always entirely honest with their children about their initial motivations (or lack thereof) for conceiving them.

Those girls just made an

Those girls just made an extremely dumb decision. It's quite a selfish one also because they are not of sound enough mind to raise these children on their own. Their parents are going to be forced to bear the financial responsibility. I'm sure the fathers are not going to be very responsible or reliable...what a mess they done made!

Baby Borrowers

Just saw an article about this new show on nbc. Maybe these idiots should watch that, although it is much too late for them. Hopefully some other clueless teens will watch and figure it out.

Yeah, that show looks

Yeah, that show looks interesting. Hopefully it will stem this recent trend of teen pregnancy.

Children having children

I read an article on this that tried to attribute this to lack of sex ed, or lack of available birth control methods.

What we lack here is a strong hand and strong figure in these girls lives. Parents that are more involved in the lives of their children will certainly have a clue as to what is going on. I have two kids myself and I plan on being involved in their lives whether or not they hate me for it. That means snooping in their rooms when they are gone, controlling access to community web sites, and defiantly communicating with the parents of their friends.


When your kids snap and destroy their own lives and the lives of those around them I hope you'll understand what you did.

um just to let u no my mom

um just to let u no my mom did the same thing was very involved snoopped through my room got the phone numbers of were i was talked to their parents before i slept over called every five minutes. and guess wat i still eneded up gettin involed with drugs even when i was on lock down and my room was for ne one to look through i did them at school. then i got claen and my mom still being the same way if not stricter and then i got preganat at 14 nd ill be 15 when i give birth in august and it was unplanned so parenting has nothing to do with it no matter how good of a parent or how strict u are it does not always work

The only mistake we have

The only mistake we have made is that we no longer use harsh words.

If we used "whore" instead of teen aged pregnancy and whore chaser or "running up your taxes because he does not pay child support" ir might improve but the fact remains "we got folks doin it in the street"cause nobody cares."

And calling Big Oil "sloppy

And calling Big Oil "sloppy pigs" is going to cut greenhouse gas emission.


parents need to be more involved

Here's my 2 cents:

I agree that parents need to be involved with every aspect of their children's lives. I agree that part of the problem is that "we no longer use harsh words."

I am a teacher, as well, and I've seen kids who think they can make it with kids of their own, and go to school and have a job...and they fail. Yes, ultimately, this does fall into those parent's laps and on the shoulders of the tax payers.

My husband and I (who also happens to be a teacher) have been trying to get pregnant for almost three years...for these girls' (and the babies) sake, I hope they do love those babies "unconditionally" as they claim was the intent!

It is horrible

that they made this pact and now, could put all these babies lives in jeopardy because they though it would be "cool to raise their babies together". Still, this has nothing to do with race and their age does not prove for unfit mothers, but the fact that they made this decision shows how immature they are and probably unfit they will be due to the lack of maturity. I pray that maybe for one or two, they will learn and grow with the experience, as small as the odds are. I am most concerned for the babies.

I just want to say that the

I just want to say that the racist comment about "white girls" finally being exposed is an extremely ignorant and racist comment in itself. I believe that being a certain race does not make you more susceptible to making stupid decisions. This could have easily been a black, mexican, or asian group of girls who could have shown their "true lives." It is just a cold hard fact that certain races are known for committing certain acts more than others and a lot of it has to do with a repeating cycle of lifestyles and it up to us to break that cycle!!!


well you are probably white, so.........