Quick Thoughts on New Libertarian Manifesto

Some quick thoughts before a few hours of sleep and then school:

Just printed out and began reading The New Libertarian Manifesto.

I'm really starting to like this Konkin fellow.

Darrington tells me he had the charming weirdness of the modal libertarian, Rothbard's intended but misfired slur (embrace it, yo! modal+beltway unite!), up to and including endearing obsessions with science fiction, communal living, and funny neck jewelry. Sounds downright Patri Friedmanesque to me. (How was he on personal drug use? Just a weekend toker or perhaps something more? Or something less?)

Whatever the case, the skeletons I've so far discovered in Konkin's closet look really attractive compared to Rand's and Rothbard's.


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Tasbir li motek

What sort of skeletons was Rothbard hiding?

Not necessarily hidden, but

Not necessarily hidden, but Rothbard had some pretty embarrassing foreign policy views over the years.

I like Konkin, but it's

I like Konkin, but it's worth noting he spoke at conferences organised by the Institute for Historical Review, and gave a platform to holocaust revisionists in his New Libertarian publication.

This was a free speech issue for him, and I think an interest in revisionism generally. Still, good thing he never ran for president.