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Since this is the Republic's culture blog, and all I've written about is sports and hipster rags, I thought I'd try something different. I have a question for the Republic: Has anyone here dated another Libertarian, libertarian, minarchist, anarcho-capitalist, agorist, Austrian schooler, public choicer, etc? I've dated both Republicans and Democrats, but never a libertarian.

The two party system builds political alliances that appear counterintuitive (to me, at least). Republicans used to back militant Islamic extremists because they opposed the Soviet Union, and pro-choice Democrats who uphold the right to own their bodies oppose the sale of kidneys, as examples. With the official platforms that define what is Conservative or Progressive, Republican or Democrat covering far too wide a spectrum to line up with all of any one person's specific positions (unless they adopt the party line in full), if you are a glass-half-full person you can always find things to agree on with whomever you meet (or wind up dating). While I agree that the political is personal, it is only because everything is personal, and if you take everything personally, that just makes you an asshole.

I suppose if I lived in D.C. and went to Reason pub crawls, I might meet a libertarian romantic interest, and I've noticed that Democrats and Republicans have started their own insular online dating communities. I realized, when a progressive friend of mine asked me how I could have gone out with a conservative ex, that similar political views are a very low priority in what I'm looking for. It also then occurred to me that this may be because I don't have much of a choice. Whenever Jonathan gets the Liberty Belles site back up and running, if you read their About page it talks about Drew Carey's call for more women to get involved in the libertarian movement. In addition to the vast majority of people being Republicans or Democrats, experience confirms that those few that do share my political leanings aren't likely to be female. Living where I do (Minnesota), politics would probably have to trump almost all other considerations for me to wind up dating libertarian.

Is it better for those of you that live in different parts of the country? Does anyone have experience with the D.C. dating scene, and does it divide along political lines? Has anyone wound up with another libertarian? Is there anyone here that will date conservatives but not progressives, or progressives but not conservatives?

Anyone care to weigh in, so my post that asks so many questions doesn't wind up with a small number of responses, making me feel more rejected than if I were to introduce myself as a capitalist at a DailyKos mixer?

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My first gf was a

My first gf was a libertarian, which is a feat in France, but I wasn't at the time and didn't know nor care much about libertarianism. She was more a consequentialist though and I wasn't completely convinced but it had me thinking. About a year after we split, I discovered deontological arguments for libertarianism and became ancap on the spot (strange but true). My current gf is also a libertarian philosophicaly, but it is not a big part of her life or center of interest. I never seriously dated a non-libertarian, I think know I'd get into fights.

I dated a non-libertarian. 

I dated a non-libertarian.  We got into lots of fights.  Making up was fun.


Everyone I've ever been involved with in my post-libertarian life has been left-of-center to some degree, ranging from apolitical state-as-nurturant type to ACLU/environmentalist to raging leftist. Does it bother me? Not really.

In my hierarchy of needs, the political views of a potential mate are very low on the list (or high on the pyramid, depending on how you look at it). Things like high self-esteem, sexual compatibility, work ethic, and a feminine 'essence' are much more important. Discussing the world's problems isn't something I want to do with her. I've got other outlets for that.

Yes, I married one.

Yes, I'm married to a libertarian. We met in college several years ago (we sat next to each other in Constitutional Law class). I would describe her as constitutional minarchist. Early in our relationship, I was a bit more comfortable with the welfare state than her, but now I would describe myself a full-blown consensualist.

If you want to find libertarian women, you might consider moving up to New Hampshire. Of course, there is still the problem that there are many more libertarian men (i.e. competition) here than women.


full-blown consensualist

This sounds like a promising new moral stance.

All the more reason for Moon

All the more reason for Moon is a harsh mistress-style polyandry.

I dated Republican when I

I dated Republican when I was younger, because I was one then. A previous GF annoyed the heck out of me, because she was as Republican as they come, but she was also a schoolteacher, so she voted Democrat because the NEA told her to.

("They say you should vote your job," she would tell me. "Who says?" I would reply. My guess was they=NEA.)

Since I live in China now, most of my dating opportunities are with communists. I check politics at the door and get on with my life. The strategy here, as with back home, is to find someone for whom politics is not a high priority. I could date neither a doctrinaire redistributionist nor a doctrinaire social conservative.


Since I live in China now, most of my dating opportunities are with communists.

Is this really true? I know China is ruled by the Communist Party
but many of its policies seem more capitalist than those the US. Also,
the overseas Chinese are very entrepreneurial. There was a survey a
while back on one of the blogs - perhaps Econlog - which showed that
the Chinese have the most widely held laissez-faire beliefs of any
population in the world. Have you found this to be true?

I Married an Anarchist

I met her on the frontier in Africa. She had escaped from the Nanny State of the Netherlands at the age of 19. The irrelevance and absurdity of what she was taught in school there gave her a strong anti-intellectual streak. We fell in love on sight and made plans that evening to spend our lives together.

I had general libertarian leanings (having grown up in the land of Jefferson), but things only came together philosophically for me a few years later when the attempt to put South African politics into perspective led me to Ayn Rand (in particular, "Capitalism, the Unknown Ideal").

The anarchist has absolutely no respect for institutions. These are just made up in people's heads, and why would anyone else's ideas be any more applicable to her life than her own?

For example, she has no respect for the institution of marriage, and is only my monogamous mate for life (well, 20 years so far) because it is what she chooses to do. She does have respect for my feelings, and for the responsibility of raising our children, so she does not treat our relationship lightly. These are "real" relationships with individuals. Respect for an institution would be a relationship with some fuzzy collectivist term like "the People" or "the Law".