Yahoo! Isn't Even Trying

The people that built Yahoo!'s fantasy sports website are either computer geeks that know nothing about sports, or sports people that are incredibly lazy. Their Hot or Not players for each sport are based on the highest and lowest fantasy point totals from the previous week without taking playing time (or any other expectations) into account.

Pictured above we have the Bears' fourth string wide receiver, one of the Vikings non-threats in the league's most embarrassing passing attack, and the Panthers' fourth stringer. Many a fantasy player must have been burned by expecting too much from Robinson, Williamson and Bradley last week...

Yahoo!'s fantasy experts aren't all that hot either (Brandon Funston is a living punchline on several fantasy message boards), so it's not like one of them couldn't pick three players at each position that underperformed the previous week--that'd take any expert all of two minutes, so, a full five for one of the Yahoo! guys.

Stay away from Mark Bradley? Thanks for the update. With his zero receptions to date in 2007, perhaps I've been riding him too long and do need to make a change.

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