Thomas Boswell and the Threat of Sexual Assault

From Thomas Boswell's legendary 1987 Post article in which he gives 99 reasons baseball is better than football:

75. Someday, just once, could we have a punt without a penalty?

Now, from the comments under different entries in Jezebel's running series Crap e-mail From a Dude:

10/23 - Everytime I see one of these at the end of the day, I bring my glass of wine to the desk and just... savor. But for real? She needs a [f]ing restraining order, STAT.

9/2 - I am going... to go consult my attorney now... about a restraining order.

9/11 - Restraining order has been filed. If you dare step to me you'll get to meet my other two loves, Smith and Wesson.

8/30 - Ummm... In the old country we used to call this sort of thing "a stalker". Darlin' best get herself a restraining order an a handgun.

8/16 - Dear Paula, a restraining order is your best bet at this point. Otherwise you will turn into a Law & Order SVU storyline and nobody wants that. xoxo

It goes on, but you get the picture. My question, in Boswellian fashion, is: Someday, just once, could Jezebel have a Crap e-mal From a Dude without someone mentioning a restraining order? Or at least, for the sake of efficiency, have someone program a bot to spit out "restraining order" in the comments section each time a new entry goes up?

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