It Begins

Game one of the 2007 World Series provided the worst possible outcome. While the cinderella Rockies have been fun to root for, I don't have a problem with the Red Sox winning game one (or the series for that matter). But after sweeping the Diamondbacks in the NLCS, the Rockies had to wait around for the Red Sox to emerge as American League champions as their series with the Cleveland Indians went the full seven games, giving the Rockies eight days off.

If only game one would have been close, instead of a 13-1 shelling, baseball fans wouldn't have to listen to talking heads, reporters and writers blather on about the Rockies extended time off as the culprit behind their hot streak imploding in grand fashion on the biggest stage possible.

The truth is, the Red Sox are the better team. They led the majors in wins this season. They beat a Cleveland team in the ALCS that won the second most games. The Rockies got hot at the right time, but don't have the pitching to hang with the far superior Red Sox. The Rockies are supposed to lose. But that won't stop windbags everywhere from suggesting that it was the Rockies eight days away from competition that are the cause of their poor performance in game one:

Colorado has the altitude -- the series shifts to mile-high Coors Field this weekend -- and had won 21 of 22 coming in. But after a record eight days off, the Rockies looked like a team starting spring training.

One of the fears for the Rockies was that their eight-day break after the NLCS would disrupt their timing at the plate, and they did nothing to dispel that notion. Beckett struck out the first four batters he faced, joining St. Louis’ Mort Cooper (five in 1943) and Los Angeles’ Sandy Koufax (five in 1963) as the only pitchers to achieve the feat.
-Boston Herald

Despite their insistence that inactivity would not be a factor, the eight-day layoff left them stale, and out of synch. The Rockies' appeared to be swinging their bats through maple syrup vats, unable to catch up to Josh Beckett's fastball.
-Denver Post

Josh Beckett has shutdown every team he has pitched against this post season. That he did so again tonight against the Rockies would be par for the course, not an aberration. Hopefully the Rockies will win convincingly in game two and put all this nonsense to rest. But seeing as the Red Sox will bring better starting pitching to the mound in every game this series, it looks like there's no relief in sight for the Rockies or baseball fans.

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