Humberto Fontova on Che Guevara

Interview with Humberto Fontova, author of Exposing the Real Che Guevara and the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him. Some snippets:

Cybercast News Service: They think Che's just a cool guy?

Humberto Fontova: Yes, let's face it. If you see it from afar, his image, and you're not very knowledgeable in history - and most people in this country are not - you say, "hey, that's a cool picture, that's a cool-looking guy." And then you hear, vaguely, that he was an anti-establishment rebel and you say, "that's pretty cool." I tell kids, you know, that they may hear that Che Guevara "fought The Man, he fought The Man." No, no, no, he was The Man that rebellious, freedom-loving people fought against. The ironies are so rich - a regime where, if you listened to rock music or tried to grow long hair, you went to prison. A regime that tells you what and how much you can eat, that you cannot travel without police-state papers, that you get machine-gunned if you try to leave, a regime that tells you what you can read. It basically tells you what you can think and say in public. The emblem of that regime is Che Guevara. And you see the image on people who consider themselves free spirits. You have to develop a sense of humor after a while.


Cybercast News Service: There's a quote in your book about Che's views on black people.

Humberto Fontova: Yes, that comes from his diaries. Che says the black "is indolent and lazy" and the European is "forward-looking and intelligent." That was also somehow omitted from that heart-warming movie by Robert Redford.


Cybercast News Service: What sort of policies was Che implementing?

Humberto Fontova: Massive nationalization. Rene Dumont, a French socialist economist, went to Cuba to advise the regime and told them, good grief, you've done more radicalization, more nationalization in two years than the Chinese revolution did in eight years. They were nationalizing everything, stealing all private property, turning farms into state farms - and that naturally would get rid of any potential capitalist rival. This was accomplished by 1964-65. And Che Guevara had made such a mess of it, the Soviets told Castro "enough!" They told him to remove Che Guevara, to lay him off, do something else with him. The Soviet Union poured the equivalent of eight Marshall Plans into Cuba. Think about it: One Marshall Plan, $9 billion, sent to war-raved Europe with 300 million people, and it worked. Eight of these plans, $72 billion, sent to Cuba, a country of 6.5 million people, who formerly had a better per capita income than half of Europe, and the place is poorer than Haiti today. That defies not just the laws of economics but also the laws of physics.

Che worship is the ultimate in trendy leftism - good feelings, image above substance, ignorance about the facts, and vague claims of "fighting the system".

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