Listening to a Red Sox radio commercial, does any country besides the US have independent mobile vans that come to your parked car in response to a call and replace a cracked windshield for almost any car?


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I often had windshields repaired on site in South Africa. The amount of debris on the road, vandalism, and theft increased demand for the service compared to what I have seen in the US.

When I googled for a reference, I found that there are lots of international franchise opportunities, for example here.

The real question is, do any

The real question is, do any of them have such a supremely annoying jingle?

There is a company named

There is a company named CARGLASS in France who does repair windshields on site I think. They do have a *very very* obnoxious jingle, so obnoxious that some people actually started to boycott them. I've heard their service is quite good however and I must confess I like the half-genuine candor of their commercials.

We have several of those in

We have several of those in the Detroit area.

We also have a van that will come to your office parking lot and wash your car for you.


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Other Conveniences

If the point of your post was to test the entrepreneurial zeal of other countries, you should stop at a robot (the local term for a traffic light) in a South African city.

There can be dozens of hawkers selling everything imaginable: mobile phone cards (to get extra pay-as-you-go talk time), newspapers, toys, curios, fruit, umbrellas when it rains, ice-cold cokes when it's hot, pens and notepads you forgot for your meeting. Some hand out advertising flyers. When the light turns red, they start walking down the line of cars offering their goods. As it turns green, they walk upstream again to get ready for the next group of customers.

I once saw a hand made cardboard sign a hawker was carrying that said, "You need a pen. I need 2 Rand. Let's swap!" I wish I had a photo of it.

Hijackers occasionally use the hawkers for cover, but as the value of the intersection goes up for merchants, there is probably some self-policing going on to make sure the customers aren't discouraged.