Energetic Senate Morons

Senate passes energy bill

The Senate passed an energy bill late Thursday that includes an increase in automobile fuel economy, new laws against energy price-gouging and a requirement for huge increases in the production of ethanol....

But the legislation provides a bonanza to farmers and the ethanol industry. It requires ethanol production to grow to at least 36 billion gallon a year by 2022, a sevenfold increase of the amount of ethanol processed last year....

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In short

If you do not want to be utterly depressed, ignore everything the government does. (Sadly, that is not really an option.)


The governement insisting on a sevenfold increase in the production of ethanol?! My my, we've come a long way since prohibition.

Refinery Disincentive

No wonder they recently scale back plans to build more refineries here in the US.  They must have know about this bill.