Et Voila

Behold the new design! We're still working the aesthetic kinks out (including the now fixed horrible black-on-green wysiwyg) but its getting better... :)

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- Right (and left) column has lots of black on black invisible entries

- Overall display is too wide by about 1 inch.

 Regards, Don

--- Where is Recent Posts?  I can't find it in the invisible blank space.


Looks good.

Nice touch...

I like the way the "Recent comments" are highlighted (black instead of yellow) for the topic page you are reading...

Site problems

First, it looks nicer than before. But... 

1) Visited links are blue and on the green background I can't read them.

2) Entering a comment I disabled rich text and entered the comment with paragraphs and html for italics.    I hit preview and it switched to rich text and the preview was correct.  However the text in the comment section that was editable was now a big blob with no paragraphs.   I hit preview again and now that part was screwed up too.  

3) I lost a response I wrote when I tried to log in with text written in the comment section.


  1. Since Catallarchy has such an intelligent readership, we just assumed that after visiting a page once you'd remember its contents forever. We'll fix it, but we're very disappointed in you.
  2. Yeah, I've noticed that too. For a temporary workaround until we get it fixed properly, put <p></p> tags around each paragraph.
  3. I have this problem at a lot of sites, and, to be honest, I have no idea how to fix it. If I'm going to write something long, I do it in a local text editor and then paste it into my web browser when I'm done.

Site problems

Well if I type directly then it respects my paragraphs in rich text format but is hazardous with regard to just losing everything.    So I created a long post in MS Word and then pasted it into the comment section and hit preview.   It removed all paragraph separations.    I tried pasting in both modes, rich text enabled or disabled and it fails in both cases.   So I went into word and put <p></p> around everything.   Pasted it into a disabled rich text environment and hit preview.   Well the typing area had my paragraphs properly separated with white space but the preview did a new line at the end of the paragraphs (did not run them together) but also did not separate the paragraphs by an empty line like they appeared in the edit area.   So I hit preview again and it fix it.   I then entered my subject title and hit preview again.  Everything nice.  So I hit post.  Bang, it now shows me the article but my comment does not appear in the righthand list of most recent comments.   I am logged in. 

I then open a new window, go to the web site, go to the article look at the comments and my post is not there.    I also notice now that several accepted comments that I did see on the right are not there any more either.   Those were one liner comments.

I cleared the cache of my browser and that didn't help.

Not wanting to double post.  I'll wait till later to retry.

Problem with comment links on second page

I guess they were held for moderation and I didn't notice.

Another problem. There were a couple of comments on latest comments list that are broken.  When I clicked on them it went to the article instead.    I think this was because the comment was on the second page of comments instead of the first.   In particular the link to the comment "Potential Observers" that I wrote and a couple others on that same "page 2" are not getting to the actual comment.   Try that link and you will see.   The URL will be correct but the article will display instead of the comment pointed to by the URL.

... and this text is a test if new text that has not been previewed will actually show up if I press "post comment" instead of hitting "preview comment" then "post comment".  

Looks sharp!

Looks sharp!

Moderation delays

What's the situation with moderation? I hope the current heavyhanded approach is not considered a permanent spam solution - if that's what's going on.

We are even more aggrieved

We are even more aggrieved at the comment situation, believe us. If'n it werent for comment spammers there'd be no problem.  :(