Torture and Tyranny: The Real Che

Crazy with fury I will stain my rifle red while slaughtering any enemy that falls in my hands! My nostrils dilate while savoring the acrid odor of gunpowder and blood. With the deaths of my enemies I prepare my being for the sacred fight and join the triumphant proletariat with a bestial howl!

Che Guevara, Killer

Many would-be revolutionaries consider Ernesto "Che" Guevara, the author of the above statement, a hero. Jean-Paul Sartre said "Che was the most complete human being of our age." Adoring stories abound, and books and movies portray Guevara as an enthusiastic and unwavering ally of the poor and downtrodden. His dashing image is held high at protests the world over, and proudly displayed on t-shirts, posters, and patches. More than any other image, this ikon is a visual symbol of global anti-capitalism.

The reality of Guevara's life and beliefs, to those who care to find out, is a surprising and stark contrast. Guevara was several things, all related: violent, brutal, authoritarian, Stalinist, militaristic. None of these meshes with the traditional iconic image, but all are much more true than Che-as-liberator.

He had passion, for sure. In his own words:

Hatred as an element of struggle; unbending hatred for the enemy, which pushes a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him into an effective, violent, selective, and cold-blooded killing machine. This is what our soldiers must become …

In the armed insurgency against Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista, Guevara's brutal ideology and its consequences reared its ugly head. Not only was he a vicious and effective opponent of Batista’s forces, he also implemented the death penalty for "informers, insubordinates, malingerers, and deserters" on his own side. Often he carried out these executions himself.

He also spread Stalinism in the insurgency. There were many insurgent factions, and these were often opposed to the communist faction, which had been part of the government several years prior and only joined the insurgency after a few years. While many world intellectuals were being duped about the nature of the Soviet system, others in Cuba were not. However, after their victory and Castro’s assumption of power, Guevara’s post as right-hand man insured that his element was triumphant.

Guevara was made a Cuban citizen (as he was originally from Argentina) and an official at the National Institute of Agrarian Reform, president of the National Bank of Cuba, and Minister of Industries. From these posts he directed Cuba’s transition to a Soviet-style economic system. In propaganda this meant creating the fair and efficient economy of the future; in practice this meant wholesale redirection of millions of lives, arrogance, and devastation. In “Notes on Man and Socialism” he wrote “to build communism, you must build new men as well as the new economic base.” Molding the Cuban people in accordance with his own Stalinist vision was his goal, and now he had the power to make whatever sacrifices of other peoples’ time, energy, and lives he thought necessary.

Individual tastes and talents could not be allowed to stand in the way of the revolution. Contrary opinions had to be silenced, and they were. Counterrevolutionary elements were put in “labor camps,” “re-educated,” or imprisoned without trial, many being executed. These were not merely agitators in the employ of robber barons. These were vagrants, drunks, idlers, homosexuals, Christians, poets, and many other classes, including “Cuban youth…who had to go into hiding to listen to [rock albums] which the Revolution, and [Guevara] and his cohorts, dubbed as ‘imperialist music’.”

When they were given trials, they were showy public farces. When those found guilty were executed, they were executed publicly by firing squad. Their friends and families were paraded in front of the bloody wall. Guevara is said to have signed between 500 and “several thousand” death warrants, though the exact number may never be known. His own count was about 2,500. When they were not given trials, they were bound, gagged, psychologically broken, and then perhaps shot. The number killed without death warrants is unknown.

In case any still existed outside the camps who opposed the regime, he helped set up a secret police force and the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, another office for spying on and manipulating the Cuban population.

Not content with the blood he spilled on his adopted soil, Guevara criticized the USSR for not using its nuclear missiles during the Cuban Missile Crisis, which he said he would have done if he had been in command.

No honest consideration of Ernesto “Che” Guevara could leave out his overriding ruthlessness. No humane protester could support his totalitarianism. No peace-loving global citizen could sympathize with his call to worldwide armed revolution. No cognizant young hipster should sport the visage of a man who would have imprisoned him.

Che might have been handsome and brave. But he was also a murderer and a tyrant.

It is long overdue: smash this idol, for the love of humanity.

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A May Day followup By way of

A May Day followup
By way of Elf Sternberg, who it seems, is not happy about his religious holiday being hijacked by murderous Communists, comes three posts by Catallarchy:

...a series of articles to remember those who have died at the hands of communists and co...

Furthermore, I've heard that

Furthermore, I've heard that just prior to his execution, he begged to be allowed to live, claiming that he was worth more to them dead then alive.

True, many contemporary

True, many contemporary "revolutionaries" and idealistic if ill-informed youth consider Che a hero, but I have always found it passing strange that among his legion of admirers you find none other than.... William F. Buckley, emeritus dean of the conservative right. Read his otherwise forgettable 80s-vintage spy novel _See You Later, Alligator_ and see if you don't agree that it includes a most unexpectedly favorable portrait of el Che.

The May Day celebration you

The May Day celebration you are putting on is great.
The irony that so many are still tempted by the Communist system is unbelievable. Just as one would think the issue was settled, now we have the ideals of Communist revolution popping up all around South America, thanks to our oil dependency and our economic support of Venezuela and the Chavez regime which is nursing the bankrupt Castro Regime.
I suspect that the continued popularity of these fantasies is due to their virulent anti-Americanism which is based on envy and self hatred of South America’s own shitty way of life.
An interesting analysis of the Castro regime was recently broadcast by Frontline.

( ) One of the points they made was that Guevara was sent out of the country by Castro with the hope and plan that he would be eliminated, which he was. Not only that but by becoming a martyr he was of invaluable help to the regime. What a deal! Castro is nothing if not smart.

May Day Mourning Jonathan

May Day Mourning
Jonathan Wilde at Catallarchy has orchestrated a moving and edifying May Day blog extravangaza on the dark history of communism....

Como? Can you guess who said

Can you guess who said this: Do you know, or do you not know, that these revolutionaries [in Cuba today] don't have a right to open a library to the public, to broadcast a radio program, to hold meetings without...

One of the things I find

One of the things I find most disturbing is the Glorification of this garbage by Hollywood, worst of all that our youth worship people who make their living by pretending to be real people. ITs funny how individuals like Redford qualify themselves as socialy valid when they have never had to strugle to feed their children or anything else for that matter. They don't realize that in a Marxist socielty they are the first ones to go to prison.

Confirmed: Read "Shadow

Confirmed: Read "Shadow Warrior" by Felix Rodriguez who directed the half-trained Bolivian Rangers that implemented his coordinated counterinsurgency tactics employed to nab Guevara in 1967, "Che" begged for his life stating he was worth more dead than alive, Rodriguez was the Cuban-American CIA agent present in La Higuera, Bolivia, that day in 1967 when a Bolivian sargent carried the Bolivian high command's order to "put a slug on Che, can't take a chance to have another Castro", Castro who was captured without a shot being fired following his failed assault on a Cuban military hospital in 1953, was spared by pleas of a catholic bishop, he was tried acting as his own counsel (possibly the only case, this son of a midnight-fence-moving land mogul, ever tried as a lawyer),was sentenced to prison where he cooked "calamary pasta followed by excellent red wine and sunning in the yard" this while reading Hitler's Mein diatribe and puffing on a Cohiba, he did not serve much time since he was the beneficiary of a parole arranged by his rich family, moving then to Mexico and returning to invade Cuba with Che and others. Mr Rodriguez went on to perfect his counterinsurgency tactics in South East Asia and later used them in El Salvador against communist guerrillas resulting in the capture of "Nadia La Guerrillera" , he later clashed with Sen. John Kerry during congressional hearings where Kerry insinuated that Rodriguez "did not make much of an effort to save Che" (thank the Lord that Manchurian Candidate was not elected last year!!). Mr. Rodriguez is now the President of the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association. Maybe someone should apply Mr. Rodriguez's proven methods to nail UBL.

From where is

From where is

“Hatred as an element of struggle; unbending hatred for the enemy, which pushes a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him into an effective, violent, selective, and cold-blooded killing machine. This is what our soldiers must become…”

I would like to know where, when and to who was this directed, so if could tell me, I will be really glad.



What are your sources? If

What are your sources? If your information is legitimate, you should list your sources.

Vous dites que le communisme

Vous dites que le communisme afait des millions de morts, l'?ise chr?enne aussi est ce que ca veut dire que l'?ise est mauvaise ou que ceux qui ont appliqu?es preceptes par le sang non rien compris?
Pour le communisme c'est pareil!
Vous dites beaucoup de choses sur le Che qui n'ont aucune valeur historique!
Le che n'a jamais instaur?es camps de concentrations mais le travail volontaire auquel contrairement aux autres dirigent il participait.
Quand ?'execution qu il a fait lui meme il s'agissait d'Eutimio Guera qu'il a execut?ar la trahison coutat la vie a des camarades,je n approuve pas mais c'est la loi de la guerrilla!
de plus les tribunaux r?lutionnaire ont ? instaur?ar le peuple r?amait vengeance est ce sont les collaborateur de Batista qui p?rent et non des innocents!
Le che n'a jamais ? stalinien d'ailleurs c sa condannation de l'urss qui le condamna politiquement ne l'oubli?as!
Il a renonc?u pouvoir pour ses id? et a rompu d'une certaine maniere avec Castro qui au d?t n'etais pas un dictateur!
Cuba dois ses ecoles et son service de Sant?ratuit et la reforme agraire au Che!
Je suis all? Cuba et je peux vous dire que si le peuple en a marre de Castro le Che reste un exemple!
Vous ne parlez pas non plus des vies qu il sauva en tant que medecin lors de ses p?ples!
De son refus (qu aucun homme politique et dirigant n'a su imiter) de forme de privil?s et de confort!
De nombreux t?ignage on prouv?u au combat le Che a toujours refus?e tuer inutilement et de plus il n' a jamais suppli?e le laiss?ivre mais les t?ignages racontent que le jour de son execution il insultat et encouragea le sgt Teran qui ivre h?ta ?irer!
On peut critiqu?es choix politique ou son action mais si vous le critiqu?aites le sur des preuves historique et non pas sur des mensonges de la propagande us !
vous qui le prenais pour un assasin je vous laisse m?ter ses citations du Che!
"Tout homme v?table doit resentir sur sa joue le coup recu par toutes joue d homme"
"Il faut s'endurcir sans jamais se d?rtir de sa tendresse"
"Surtout soyez capable de ressentir au plus profond de votre coeur n'importe qu elle injustice commis contre n'importe qui,n'importe ou dans le monde c'est la plus belle qualit?'un r?lutionnaire"
A bon entendeur...
Yann Durst
A bon entendeur...

Awsome blog , I posted it on

Awsome blog , I posted it on the Protest Warrior forum today!

The myth of Che lives on and

The myth of Che lives on and on and on. Let's hope that the first thing a new government in Cuba does is to toss five gallons of gasolene into his tomb and follow it up with a match.

Now, I do hope that I am not being immoderate in my suggestion. Unless you'd object to my using the term pissant in regards to Che?

I have to tell you that a

I have to tell you that a lot of what is posted here is either not true or is distorted. Yes, Che fought visciously. So did his enemies. So do all soldiers. It's a sad fact that in a war you have to kill people. Yes, Che was responsible for executions of his own men who committed crimes. Eisenhower also signed death warrants against American soldiers. Desertion in a time of war is still an offense punishable by death in the United States.

As to offenses against prisoners after the Cuban revolution, show me a reliable source. All of the accounts I've read have been from individuals with a political axe to grind against the Castro regime.

And no, Che did not beg for mercy at his execution. He was captured during an opporation to evacuate a physically ill ally. His band of revolutionaries was surrounded, they fought heavily, Che was wounded in the legs. It is known that he continued fighting until his M2 rifle was destroyed by a bullet. He then surrendered, saying he was worth more to his captors alive than he was dead. Once in captivity, he was tortured, interrogated, but did not crack.

An executioner machine gunned him at and below the waist, trying to make it appear that he had died in combat. later, another officer came and shot him in the side, killing him. I've heard other accounts saying he was shot in the throat.

hmmmmhhmm what i see here is

hmmmmhhmm what i see here is a bunch of capitalists talking garbage about a rebel, classic. it will always be like that:argue::wall:

"hasta la victoria siempre"