The Guardian's wishful thinking on what constitutes American ways

Guardian Article "Emperor George"

They are correct that the US paved the way for most of the multilateral organizations in the world. But they don't realize that the multilateral orgs were not there to be multilateral, but to manage a distinctly American view of the future (i.e. to Americanize the world). They weren't there to subsume the American project and experiment into the morass of the Old World and Third World, and certainly weren't to facilitate moral equivalence between the US and everyone else.

Quite simply, the UN, Bretton Woods, and other multilateral orgs were designed to extend US political, economic, and cultural domination over the post-WWII world.

That this is not happening, and worse still that these organizations now actively reject and subvert American political, economic, and cultural will, it should come to no surprise to intelligent viewers that the US would seek to undo these organizations.

The other point that no one wants to admit, of course, is that Bretton Woods, the UN, and a multitude of other multilateral organizations are fundamentally flawed/wrong and at base unamerican- artificial constructs grafted onto America by technocratic elites who held individualism and American character in contempt (granted, not everyone who was involved in the post-war internationalism was like this). That these organizations are being pummeled now is actually truer to the American spirit than we have been for the past 50 years.

American culture & economics can dominate the world without any help from multilateral organizations.... About the only useful organizations are the trade orgs that help rationalize and standardize trade rules & contract law.

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