Corporate Mofo on "The Matrix Reloaded"

The Corporate Mofo has ruminations on how the Matrix is influenced by gnostic christianity, the dead sea scrolls, and specifically the heresy of Origen of Alexandria.

A good read, check it out.

As for me, I liked the film because it gave me eye candy, and that covered a multitude of sins (such as 90% of the first half of the movie). There are certainly valid criticisms of the film, but I'm sure it will hold up on second viewing, unlike Jurassic Park, which for me is a gold standard by which all "initially entertaining but really only SFX driven puffball films" are measured. If it still entertains the 2nd time, its good. If, upon watching it the second time, the flaws of the movie are laid out in broad relief, the film is not so good.

Kind of like The Phantom Menace.

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