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Utilitarian, Shmutilitarian

In Jonathan's post "Kinsley on protectionism", in response to my complaint about utilitarian arguments, my co-blogger Randall McElroy opines "... John Q. Public is more receptive to utilitarian arguments than to Mises In One Lesson". I can't comment on Mises In One Lesson, whatever that is. I know that many people agree with Randall, but I can only speak to what convinced me that free trade is good. Read more »

Being a Jerk is Not a Crime!

I hate spam. Almost everybody does. I don't get much spam (except on my account) partly due to outstanding service of SpamGourmet. Personally, I find all the physical junk mail that lands on my front porch every day a much greater burden. Read more »

Libertarian Heroes of '03

Radly Balko selects his libertarian heroes of 2003, which also happened to include my favorite congressman, Ron Paul. With federal spending at an all-time high, it’s no wonder our current President did not make the short list. Read more »

Brits ask for freedom, politician dismayed

Reading Nealz Nuze this morning, I learned that BBC Radio 4 - with the blessing of the Labour Party - allowed its listeners to submit which issue they would most like to see introduced into future legislation consideration in the British Parliament. Unusual as this idea is, the radio network received over 10,000 entries, and narrowed it all down to the Top Five. So, which law won? Read more »

I Feel Safer Already

I take back every negative word I ever wrote about coercive government! Who else will protect us from these kinds of dangerous criminals?

Oh. My. God.


Ladies and gentlemen, the talking Ann Coulter action figure.

Hitler to sue Cuban Communist Party for libel


A photograph of Fidel Castro, doctored to make him look like Adolph Hitler, appears on the front page of Granma, the official Communist Party newspaper in Cuba. Click the image to read about it in the Guardian.

Castro's just pissed that they didn't photoshop him up as Unca Joe.

Why should it matter?

I've been sitting on this story for a couple of days, unsure of what I wanted to say about it.

Wayne Joseph, the principal of a big suburban high school in southern California, had an unequivocal sense of his black heritage, having written extensively about race in America.

Bad Santa, or Bad ACLU?

Giving credit where credit is due, the BBC’s Clare Murphy gives a balanced overview on the annual controversy that brews in America during the holiday season. The controversies, of course, regard the extent of which the separation of church and state plays a role during the holiday season in public schools. Read more »

The First Rule of Blame

When in doubt, sue everyone.

Spam imperialism

Boost your sex life with viagra! ... Work from home, make lots of $$$ ... Get your degree on-line now! ... Hot XXX action ...

[Delete] [Delete] [Delete]

We’ve all seen these, or a variation of these, on email subject lines. You probably receive anywhere from a few of these 'spams' per week, or perhaps dozens per day. Read more »

What big teeth you have!

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves."

— Edward R. Murrow

It's hard to make computers dumb enough to fight wars

Among the many achievements of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movie cycle is the advancement of special effects technology. The problem of creating realistic battle scenes in which the vast majority of the "actors" are computer generated is daunting, and doesn't scale well. For the epic Pellenor Fields battle in The Return of the King, the special effects wizards designed a system to create realistic-looking action performed by a mob of 200,000 "soldiers" by giving them a repertoire of possible actions and the ability to react realistically to the battleground situation. Read more »

What the World Needs Now

This post is reprinted in its entirety with permission from the original author Robert Brager of the blog Astropolis.

The other day I was listening to the over-produced sounds of Swedish anti-capitalist punk rock sensations THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY . Once upon a high school aged youth, I probably would have stood to the left of them. Read more »

Movie Review: <i>Bad Santa</i>

OK. I’ll start right off by saying that Bad Santa, although starting out with some promise and laughs, unfortunately wound up being a pretty Bad Movie. Read more »

A Purely Bureaucratic Reaction

Billy Beck alerted me to this article in The Atlantic Monthly on the investigation of the Columbia disaster. The author, William Langewiesche, is significantly more charitable to the NASA bureaucrats than I felt when I finished reading it. How insane is NASA culture? This says it all for me: the engineers are at the absolute bottom of the organizational totem pole. Read more »

Loo Affirmative Action

It must be a slow month around the New York City Council. Council members are introducing a bill to set aside more women's bathrooms than men's in most buildings, including arenas, theaters, and stadiums. It seems they've noticed that the female line is usually longer - much longer - than the male line queued up for restrooms, so the government is now accepting the plight of the potty deprived by requiring specific toilet-to-gender ratios. Read more »

Book = Unexploded Ordinance?

Claire Wolfe reports that a U.S. Army soldier stationed in Iraq has been advised that a book he owns, which was legally published in the United States, is "contraband", and he will not be allowed to bring it home with him.

Second Amendment saves man, daughter

Looks like an armed robber chose the wrong man to rob near Atlanta this week.

The fallacy of the living wage

On occasion I browse some various student newspapers' opinion and editorial columns to get a glimpse of what is transpiring within the minds of college students today (and most of it is quite depressing). However, I came across a good, albeit not the most well-written, column by University of Kansas senior Arrah Nielsen in the Kansan. Read more »